Zangarmarsh (Level 61-63)

Time to head off to Zangarmarsh! Abandon all of your Hellfire Peninsula quests.

== ZONE NOTE == Whenever you kill a Sporebat in this zone and you stand in melee range of it, you get a nice +30 to all stats buff for 5 minutes. Kill a Sporebat every so often to keep the buff on you as often as you can. Also, you will need 6 Fertile Spores at the end which can be found off Sporebats, so keep any you find and don't sell them.

  1. Head west out of Hellfire Penninsula to the Cenarion Refuge.
    Set your Hearthstone to Cenarion Refuge.

    Turn in The Cenarion Expedition and pick up all the quests in town (note: don't go up the tower to Warden Hamoot until you get the quest "Warden Hamoot" - if you get the quests from Warden Hamoot first, you cannot get the quest Warden Hamoot):

    • The Umbrafen Tribe
    • The Dying Balance
    • Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake
    • Plants of Zangarmarsh
    • Leader of the Bloodscale (Group)
    • Leader of the Darkcrest (Group)
    • Warden Hamoot and turn it in to get the follow-up A Warm Welcome.

  2. Ride northwest along the path to Telredor - wait at the platform for the lift to take you up. Get all the quests here:

    • Fulgor Spores
    • Menacing Marshfangs
    • The Boha'mu Ruins
    • The Dead Mire
    • The Fate of Tuurem
    • Too Many Mouths to Feed
    • Unfinished Business
    • The Orebor Harborage

  3. Head northeast and pick up Fulgor Spores and kill all Marshfang Ripper along the way. Neither quest has to be finished - just kill them while travelling northeast. Also, kill Sporebats whenever you see one to get its buff on death if you're in melee range of +30 to all stats. (Note: don't sell any Fertile Spores which can be found off of Sporebats, 6 are required for a later quest)

    Kill Sporewing who wanders around the southwest of The Dead Mire.

  4. In the middle of The Dead Mire, pick up the Dead Mire Soil. Also, kill all Withered Giants in the area until you get a Withered Basidium which starts a quest.

  5. Head southwest towards the tower and finish killing 10 Marshfang Ripper and collecting 6 Fulgor Spores.

  6. Return to Telredor and turn in:

    • Fulgor Spores
    • Menacing Marshfangs and get the follow-up Umbrafen Eel Filets
    • The Dead Mire and get the follow-up An Unnatural Drought
    • Unfinished Business and get the follow-up Blacksting's Bane
    • Withered Basidium and get the follow-up Withered Flesh

  7. Head back northeast to The Dead Mire and kill 12 Withered Giant and killed hydras and bog lords for 5 Parched Hydra Sample and 5 Withered Bog Lord Sample.

  8. Return to Telredor and turn in

    • Withered Flesh
    • An Unnatural Drought

  1. Head southwest and continue along the coast of the Umbrafen Lake. Kill 10 Mire Hydra as you go around the lake.

  2. Clear a path through the naga (Note: you do not have to collect enough Naga Claws to complete A Warm Welcome, many naga will die in the future) to the Umbrafen Lake Steam Pump to finish investigating Umbrafen Lake.

  3. Dive into the lake and kill Umbrafen Eels until done collecting 8 Eel Filet.

  4. Head east out of the lake and head to Boglash and kill it. Though elite, he is soloable.

  5. Head south to Umbrafen Village and kill 6 Umbrafen Oracle, 8 Umbrafen Seer, and 6 Umbrafen Witchdoctor on your way south through the villages.

  6. Kataru is in the southeast area of the village - enter the large building and kill him on the top floor.

  7. Head northwest to Kayra Longmane, a trapped tauren. Accept the escort quest Escape from Umbrafen. Follow and protect her as she heads through the Umbrafen Village.

  8. Return to the Cenarion Refuge and turn in all your quests and pick up the new ones:

    • The Dying Balance and get the quests Watcher Leesa'oh and What's Wrong at Cenarion Thicket?
    • The Umbrafen Tribe and get the follow-up A Damp, Dark Place
    • Escape from Umbrafen
    • Plants of Zangarmarsh and turn in the extra Unidentified Plant Parts you have as well. Get the quests Saving the Sporeloks and Safeguarding the Watchers.
    • Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake and get the follow-up As the Crow Flies.

      For As the Crow Flies, stand next to Ysiel Windsinger and use your Stormcrow Amulet to turn into a crow and observe the various naga camps. When done, turn in the quest and get the follow-up Balance Must be Preserved.


  1. Head south along the path then southwest to Funggor Cavern and enter the cave, clearing all the fungal giants on the way. Clear your way to the back of the cave for Ikeyen's Belongings and on the bottom of the cave, kill Lord Klaq - though he's elite, he's weak and the only difficult part is the adds that come with him. Try to split the pull.

    As you exit the cave, finish killing 10 Marsh Dredger and 10 Marsh Lurker.

  2. Head northwest and clear your way through the naga to the Umbrafen Lake Steam Pump and use the Ironvine Seeds. A Steam Pump Overseer will spawn and attack each time you do this in the future pumps - kill it to get the likely drop of the Drain Schematics, which starts the quest Drain Schematics.

  3. Head northwest and clear your way through the naga to the Lagoon Steam Pump and use the Ironvine Seeds.

    Also, in the camp Rajah Haghazed, if you have a partner, kill him (Extremely difficult to solo for most classes. Simply skip without a partner.)

  4. Head northwest and clear your way through the naga to the Serpent Lake Steam Pump and use the Ironvine Seeds.

    Also, in the camp is Rajis Fyashe, if you have a partner, kill her (Extremely difficult to solo for most classes. Simply skip without a partner.)

  5. Head northwest to the Orebor Harborage and turn in The Orebor Harborage.
    Set your Hearthstone to Orebor Harborage.

    Get the new flight path
    as well as the quests:

    • Ango'rosh Encroachment
    • Daggerfen Deviance
    • Secrets of the Daggerfen
    • Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki

  6. Head west and kill 10 Ango'rosh Ogre and 5 Ango'rosh Shaman. Also, pick up any Glowcaps you notice lying around.

  7. Head west to the Daggerfen Village. Kill 15 Daggerfen Muckdweller and 3 Daggerfen Assassin. In the various villages, search for a Daggerfen Poison Vial sitting on a crate.

  8. Head to the main building on the south side of the village and head up the staircase to fight Chieftain Mummaki. Kill him and loot his totem. On the floor of the top floor is also the Daggerfen Poison Manual.

  9. Hearth to Orebor Harborage and turn in:

    • Ango'rosh Encroachment
    • Daggerfen Deviance
    • Secrets of the Daggerfen
    • Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki

    pick up the new quests:

    • Lines of Communication
    • Natural Armor
    • Overlord Gorefist
    • Stinger Venom
    • The Terror of Marshlight Lake

  1. Head southwest to the Marshlight Lake Steam Pump and use your Ironvine Seeds. Kill the Steam Pump Overseer. If you have not yet picked up the Drain Schematics quest from a random drop, then keep using the seeds and spawning overseers and killing them until you get one. You should also easily have 30 Naga Claws by now - if not, kill more nagas for them.

  2. Head southwest to Watcher Leesa'oh and turn in Watcher Leesa'oh. Get the follow-up Observing the Sporelings.

  3. Head west and get Fahssn's quests:

    • The Sporelings' Plight
    • Natural Enemies

  4. Head west and pick up 10 Mature Spore Sacs and credit for Investigate the Spawning Glen and kill enough giants to finish collecting 6 Bog Lord Tendril.

    • Then, return to Fahssn and turn in:

      • The Sporelings' Plight
      • Natural Enemies and get the follow-up Sporeggar. (Note: you need to be Neutral in order to get this quest - if you have not yet hit Neutral, you should be close - go back to the Spawning Glen and kill Bog Lords until you reach Neutral.)

  5. Return to Leesa'oh and turn in Observing the Sporelings and get the follow-up A Question of Gluttony.

  6. Head east and pick up 10 Discarded Nutrients scattered around the giant area.

  7. Then, return to Leesa'oh and turn in A Question of Gluttony and get the follow-up Familiar Fungi.

  8. Head east and kill 12 Marshfang Slicer and "Count" Ungula. "Count" Ungula's Mandible starts The Count of the Marshes.

  9. Head southeast to the Boha'mu Ruins and head up the stairs just barely into the house to get Explore the Boha'mu Ruins.

  10. Head north to Blacksting, northeast of the Feralfen Village, and kill it for Blacksting's Stinger.

  11. Head north into Serpent Lake and kill Fenclaw Thrashers until done collecting 8 Fenclaw Hide. Also, make sure to swim over and slightly into the pipe in the middle of the lake for Drain Located credit.

  12. Head north to Orebor Harborage and turn in:

    • Natural Armor and get the follow-up Maktu's Revenge
    • Lines of Communication

  1. Fly to Telredor and turn in:

    • The Boha'mu Ruins and get the follow-up Idols of the Feralfen
    • Too Many Mouths to Feed
    • Blacksting's Bane
    • Umbrafen Eel Filets and get the follow-up Diaphanous Wings

  2. Ride southeast to Cenarion Refuge. Turn in:

    • A Damp, Dark Place
    • Saving the Sporeloks
    • Safeguarding the Watchers
    • A Warm Welcome
    • Drain Schematics and get the follow-up Warning the Cenarion Circle
    • Balance Must Be Preserved
    • Leader of the Bloodscale (if you did the group quest)
    • Leader of the Darkcrest (if you did the group quest)

      Get the new quest Blessings of the Ancients and talk to Ashyen, Ancient of War and Keleth, Ancient of Lore for their blessing, then turn in Blessings of the Ancients.

  3. Head east back to Hellfire Peninsula's Cenarion Post and turn in Warning the Cenarion Circle. Get the follow-up Return to the Marsh.

  4. Return to Cenarion Refuge and turn in Return to the Marsh and get the follow-up Failed Incursion.

You'll need to turn in the Fertile Spores soon, so also start killing Fen Striders and Marsh Walkers which can also drop them - they are found at the shallow waterways throughout the zone.

  1. Hearth to Orebor Harborage.

  2. Head southeast into Serpent Lake and swim to the small island. Kill Mragesh by the shores of the island on the northeast side.

  3. Head west to the ogre village and clear ogres and gather 15 Mushroom Samples and 10 Glowcaps (shining golden mushrooms throughout the ground - not a quest objective yet, but we'll need them very soon).

  4. Head west/southwest around the lake and kill all the Marshlight Bleeders and Fenglow Stingers in the way and collect Marshlight Bleeder Venom and Diaphanous Wings. There are more southeast of Sporeggar, you don't have to finish yet.

  5. Head southwest to Sporeggar. Turn in Sporeggar and get Glowcap Mushrooms. Turn in Glowcap Mushrooms immediately.

    Get the quests:

    • Fertile Spores and turn it in immediately with your 6 Fertile Spores you collected earlier. (If you don't have enough yet, quickly gather the remainder from Marsh Walkers and Sporebats to the southeast)
    • Now That We're Friends... (NOTE: Requires friendly reputation - if you are not friendly, go southwest to the Spawning Glen and kill Bog Lords until you hit Friendly. Then, come back and get the quest.)
    • Oh, It's On! (Dungeon - Underbog)
    • Stalk the Stalker (Dungeon - Underbog)
    • Bring me a Shrubbery! (Dungeon - Underbog)

    Note: these are all the quests for the Underbog instance, so its reccommended you put yourself in the dungeon queue and run it once and complete all the objectives and turn in these three quests for 66,000 XP! Just set yourself into the queue and keep questing, and when a group forms, join it and resume wherever you left off later.

  6. Swim east to the southern island of Marshlight Lake and kill Terrorclaw. Make sure to clear around him since he casts fear.

  7. Swim back southwest and head around the island to finish collecting 6 Marshlight Bleeder Venom and 8 Diaphonous Wings.

  8. Head northeast and kill 12 Bloodscale Slavedrivers and 6 Bloodscale Enchantresses.

  9. Head south to Watcher Leesa'oh and turn in:

    • Familiar Fungi and get the follow-up Stealing Back the Mushrooms
    • The Count of the Marshes

  10. Head east to the Feralfen Village and collect 6 Feralfen Idol. You can find a couple easy idols with few mobs guarding them on the southern stairs of The Boha'mu Ruins.

  11. Head northeast to Telredor and turn in:

    • Idols of the Feralfen and get the follow-up Gathering the Reagents
    • Diaphonous Wings

  12. Head southwest and kill Sporebats and Fen Striders to collect 4 Fen Strider Tentacle and 4 Sporebat Eye.

  13. Return to Telredor and turn in Gathering the Reagents and get the follow-up Messenger to the Feralfen.

  14. Head southwest out of Telredor to The Boha'mu Ruins. Use Ahuurn's Elixir and head up the stairs and talk to Elder Kuruti and go through the dialogue to receive Elder Kuruti's Response.

  15. Return to Telredor and turn in Messenger to the Feralfen.

  1. Fly to Orebor Harborage. Turn in:

    • Maktu's Revenge
    • The Terror of Marshlight Lake

  2. Head northwest to the ogres. Clear your way across the bridges and turn right and up the hill. Kill Overlord Gorefist and collect 10 Box of Mushrooms from both the ogres and crates on the ground.

  3. Hearth to Orebor Harborage and turn in Overlord Gorefist. Get the new quest, A Message to Telaar.

  4. Ride southwest to Sporeggar. Turn in Now That We're Friends...

  5. Ride south to Watcher Lees'oh. Turn in Stealing Back the Mushrooms. (Note: you don't have to follow her and listen to her if you want to save time.)

  6. Ride far to the east and into Terokkar Forest.