Ding 85's History

This website began with Ding80 in late 2008. I had the idea of starting a free leveling guide for World of Warcraft after seeing so many people level in inefficient ways. I'm also somebody who loves operations and optimization so upon seeing no good source of information on how to quickest level, even from guides priced at a hefty fee, I decided to set out on a big project and make the best leveling guide and provide it free to the public.

This guide has been continuously updated and optimized. Finally, with the coming of the next big expansion - Cataclysm - the world has completely changed. And with the huge shakeup of the world, so too did the website get a big overhaul as well in both design and content.

Below is the before and after of roughly the same area and concept - however, instead of being overly ambitious and placing several markers and then just a block of text below, the new design allows for smaller chunks so both the picture and the text can be seen side by side.

Before - Ding80

  1. Head up the mountainous path to the Rebel Camp at the entrance of Stranglethorn Vale. Turn in Supplies to Private Thorsen and get all the quests:

    • The Second Rebellion
    • Bad Medicine
    • Krazek's Cookery

  2. Head out of the camp, follow the road south past the bridge then break off and go to Nesingwary's Camp, the site of many adventures to come! Investigate The Camp's quest objective will complete once you reach the camp.

    Turn in Hemet Nesingwary Jr. and get the quests Welcome to the Jungle, which when turned in, will yield these quests:

    • Panther Mastery
    • Tiger Mastery
    • Raptor Mastery

    Ignore The Green Hills of Stranglethorn for now because those quests would take up too much quest log space.

    Green Hills of Stranglethorn Organization Tip: Over the long time you'll be spending in Stranglethorn, you'll be getting a lot of pages. Fill up your main backpack with pages in the appropriate spot whenever you get it.

    • Chapter I: Page 1, 4, 6, 8
    • Chapter II: Page 10, 11, 14, 16
    • Chapter III: Page 18, 20, 21, 24
    • Chapter IV: Page 25, 26, 27

    This way, you'll know exactly what pages you're missing and what chapters you can turn in whenever you return to the Nesingwary camp.

  3. Head northwest along the river and kill River Crocolisks for 2 Large River Crocolisk Skin. If you don't find enough, there are more on the other side of the river as well.

  4. Head southeast and hunt 10 Young Stranglethorn Tigers.

  5. Head even further southeast and hunt 10 Young Stranglethorn Panthers. Note: if there aren't enough in the immediate area, go further east to find many panthers.

  6. Return to Nesingwary's Camp and turn in Panther Mastery and Tiger Mastery, and get the follow-ups.

  7. Head west and walk up the hill path and kill 10 Stranglethorn Tigers and 10 Stranglethorn Panthers.

  8. Southwest from there, hunt 10 Stranglethorn Raptors.

  9. Further southwest, on the mid-level portion of the cliff, are many Crystal Spine Basilisks. Kill them for 10 Singing Crystal Shards.

  10. Swim southwest to the Stone of the Tides Island - just land on it slightly to get the explored quest message, than take off. Be careful, the monsters are much stronger than you on the island.

  11. Swim northeast to the Bal'lal Ruins and kill Bloodscalp Trolls for 15 Bloodscalp Ears.

  12. Return to Nesingwary's Camp and turn in Panther Mastery, Tiger Mastery, and Raptor Mastery and get the follow-ups for all three.

  13. Head across the bridge and go to the Kurzen Camp to slay 15 Jungle Fighters and Medicine Men for 7 Jungle Remedy. The Fern Extract is located in crates near buildings as well as in the center of the compound. Be careful not to over-aggro in this camp as the mobs flee and bunch quite a bit.

  14. Return to the Rebel Camp and turn in The Second Rebellion and Bad Medicine. Get the follow-ups Kurzen's Mystery and Special Forces.

After - Ding85

  1. Go to Rebel Camp. Turn in your quest. Get The Fate of Kurzen, Bad Medicine, and Krazek's Cookery.
  2. Go to Nesingwary's Expedition. Turn in your quest. Get Welcome to the Jungle. Complete that to open up all the quests: Panther Hunting, Raptor Hunting, The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, Tiger Hunting, Supply and Demand, and Venture Company Mining.
  3. Kill 10 Young Stranglethorn Tiger.
  4. Kill Large River Crocolisks for 2 Large River Crocolisk Skin.
    • Return to Nesingwary's Expedition. At Nesingwary's Expedition, turn in your quest. Get Some Assembly Required.
  5. Kill 10 Young Panther.
  6. Go to Kurzen's Compound. Kill the Kurzen for 7 Jungle Remedy. Also, gather the Prison Records and Officers' Dossier. Once complete, you'll get the quest Just Hatched.
    • Return to Rebel Camp.
  1. At Rebel Camp, turn in your quests. Get Control Sample, I Think She's Hungry, and Spared from Madness.
  2. Free the prisoners upstairs.
  3. Kill Crystal Spine Basilisks for 7 Crystal Spine Basilisk Blood as well as 40 Bites of Basilisk Meat.
  4. Kill 10 Stranglethorn Tiger.
  5. Kill Venture Co. Geologists for 5 Tumbled Crystal.
  6. Kill Snapjaw Crocolisks for 5 Snapjaw Crocolisk Skin.
  7. Go to Nesingwary's Expedition. Turn in your quests. Get Excelsior and Return to Corposal Kaleb.
    • Return to Rebel Camp.
  1. At Rebel Camp, turn in your quests. Get The Source of the Madness, Deep Roots, Stopping Kurzen's Legacy, Water Elementals, and Bloodscalp Insight.
  2. Go to the ends of the cave within Kurzen's Compound.
    Kill the four chiefs and gather a Whispering Blue Stone on the way.
  3. Kill 10 Panther.
  4. Kill 10 Stranglethorn Raptor.
  5. Swim out to the island.
It is my hope that this layout and presentation of information will further improve readability and thus, leveling rates.