Hellfire Peninsula (Level 58-61)

And we're through The Dark Portal! Welcome to the Outland!
Make sure you have a Nethergarde Bitter (bought from Nethergarde Keep in The Blasted Lands.)

  1. Go down the stairs and turn in Through the Dark Portal and get the follow-up Arrival in Outland.

  2. Head south and turn in Arrival in Outland and get the follow-up Journey to Honor Hold.
    Fly to Honor Hold.

    Turn in Journey to Honor Hold and get the follow-up Force Commander Danath.

  3. Turn in Force Commander Danath. Get the follow-ups quests:

    • The Legion Reborn
    • Know Your Enemy

  4. Head west to the tower and turn in Know Your Enemy. Get the quests:

    • Waste Not, Want Not
    • Fel Orc Scavengers

  5. Head northeast and kill Bonechewer Orcs and collect Salvaged Metal and Salvaged Wood.

  6. Head east to the other orc camp and finish killing 20 Bonechewer Orcs and collecting 8 Salvaged Metal and 8 Salvaged Wood.

  7. Return to the tower and turn in

    • Waste Not, Want Not and get the follow-up Laying Waste to the Unwanted
    • Fel Orc Scavengers and get the follow-up Ill Omens

  1. Head east to the eastern tower. Turn in The Legion Reborn and get The Path of Anguish.

  2. Head northeast and kill a Dreadcaller, 4 Flamewalker Imp, and 6 Infernal Warmonger.

  3. Head northwest to the horde side catapults. Start with the Eastern Thrower and burn it using the Flaming Torch.

  4. Head west to the Central Eastern Thrower and burn it.

  5. Head west to the Central Western Thrower and Western Thrower and burn them.

  6. Head back to the east tower and turn in The Path of Anguish and get the follow-up Expedition Point.

  7. Head back to the west tower and turn in Laying Waste to the Unwanted.

  8. If not yet 59, return to the The Legion Front and kill demons until you reach Level 59. Being 59 will make the later quests much easier. The monsters are easy here and the experience and your level should come quick!


  1. Head southeast and kill Bleeding Hollow Orcs until you get a Cursed Talisman.

  2. Head to Expedition Point and turn in:

    • Ill Omens and get the follow-up Cursed Talismans
    • Expedition Point and get the follow-up Disrupt Their Reinforcements
    • Get: Zeth'Gor Must Burn

  3. Head south towards Zeth'Gor. Clear all the Bleeding Hollow Orcs in the way. Note that there are many orcs - but it is worthwhile to kill ALL the orcs for two reasons: the experience is necessary, and is much safer since there are many patrols.

    First, mark the Northern Tower which is outside the encampment.

  4. Continue killing Bleeding Hollow Orcs and head into the encampment. Don't try to avoid the orcs in this entire area - actively seek and kill any that are in the area for both the experience and to reduce the chances that the an orc patrol will kill you. Head east into the encampment and Mark the Forge Tower.

  5. Head southeast and Mark the Foothill Tower.

  6. Head southwest, clearing many and all orcs in the way and Mark the Southern Tower. Exit the encampment, and finish gathering 12 Cursed Talisman.

  7. Return to Expedition Point and turn in:

    • Cursed Talismans and get the follow-up Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow
    • Zeth'Gor Must Burn

  8. Return to Zeth'Gor and clear through all the orcs again and enter the main building. Make sure to kill the necromancers and skeletons to the left and right of the stairs before heading in, otherwise they aggro when you're going into the building.

    In the center of the building, kill Warlord Morkh and loot his armor. Then, head out of the building and make sure to clear the necromancers again and the orcs on your way out.

  9. Return to Expedition Point and turn in Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow and get the follow-up Return to Honor Hold.

  10. Head north to the Legion Front. Clear the demons there on the way to the portals and collect Demonic Rune Stones.

  11. Stand next to Portal Kaalez and disrupt it using 4 Demonic Rune Stones.

  12. Clear your way northwest to Portal Grimh and disrupt it using 4 Demonic Rune Stones.

  13. Return to Expedition Point and turn in Disrupt Their Reinforcements and get the follow-up Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gateways. Talk to Wing Commander Dabir'ee and go on the bombing mission. Throw the bombs by using the Seaforium PU-36 Explosive Nether Modulator on the portals to complete the quest, then get the follow-up Shatter Point.

  1. Talk to Wing Commander Dabir'ee and fly to Shatter Point. Get the Flight Path. Complete Shatter Point and get the follow-up Wing Commander Gryphongar. Head inside the tower and complete the quest and get the follow-up Mission: The Abyssal Shelf.

    Talk to Gryphoneer Windbellow (Not the Gryphon Master, but the person behind him) and fly to the Abyssal Shelf. Throw the bombs on the targets. If you don't finish in one go, you can fly back again to finish the targets to complete Mission: The Abyssal Shelf. Get the follow-up Go to the Front.

    Go back to Gryphoneer Windbellow and fly to Honor Point.

  2. At Honor Point, turn in Go to the Front and get the follow-up Disruption - Forge Camp: Mageddon.

  3. Head west to the forge camp. Kill 10 Gan'arg Servant and Razorsaw.

    • Then, return to Honor Point and turn in Disruption - Forge Camp: Mageddon and get the follow-up Enemy of my Enemy...

    • Then, go to the forge camp once again and and kill 3 Fel Canon MK1.

    • Then, return to Honor Point and turn in Enemy of my Enemy... and get the follow-up Invasion Point: Annihilator.

  4. Clear a path of demons far to the north while hugging the northern wall to Invasion Point: Annihilator. Kill Warbringer Arix'Amal and get his Burning Legion Gate Key and Burning Legion Missive which starts a quest.

    Clear your way to the teleporter and use the Burning Legion Gate Key on the teleporter.

  5. Return to Honor Point and turn in Invasion Point: Annihilator

  6. Head west then southwest to the Horde side mine. Talk to Foreman Razelcraz and get Outland Sucks!

  7. Head southwest and pick up 6 Shredder Spare Parts.

    • Then, return to Foreman Razelcraz and turn in Outland Sucks! and get the follow-up How to Serve Goblins.

  8. Head southwest to the three cages. Clear all the orcs around and head to Manni's Cage and Save Manni.

  9. Clear your way to Moh and Jakk and save them. Again, make sure to clear a wide path of orcs for experience and safety.

    • Then, return to Foreman Razelcraz and turn in How to Serve Goblins and get the follow-up Shizz Work. Use the Felhound Whistle immediately right next to Razelcraz.

  10. Go northwest and kill Helboars, then right click the poo that is left behind. Keep at it until you find the Shredder Keys.

    • Then, return to Foreman Razelcraz and turn in Shizz Work and get the follow-up Beneath Thrallmar.

  11. Go to the end of the mine and clear your way through the tunnels. Kill Urga'zz at the end of the mine.

    • Then, return to Foreman Razelcraz and turn in Beneath Thrallmar.

  12. Ride to Honor Hold.

Level 60

At this point, you should be level 60 - and you can fly! Go to Honor Hold and learn Expert Riding from your trainer and buy your flying mount. Now you can directly fly from location to location, saving a lot of time while traveling!

The cost of the riding skill is 225g, and the flying mount costs 50g with a possible faction reputation discount. That's a decent chunk of gold...or maybe not much at all if you've been following the Gold Guide. If you have been, you might be in the thousands of gold right now - and you'll be on track for the Epic Flying Mount coming up at level 70 with the cost of 5,000g.

  1. At Honor Hold, turn in Return to Honor Hold and The Dark Missive and get all the quests:

    • An Old Gift
    • Fel Spirits
    • The Heart of Darkness
    • The Path of Glory
    • Digging for Prayer Beads
    • The Longbeards
    • Overlord (Group)
    • Weaken the Ramparts (Dungeon)

    For Digging for Prayer Beads, you can just pick up the beads Behind the Honor Hold Inn. Look for Fei Fei's Cache. Then, turn in Digging for Prayer Beads.

  2. Head west to the west tower and get Unyielding Souls.

  3. Ride southwest into Terokkar Forest along the road.

  1. Follow the road west to Shattrath City. Get the Flight Point.
    Head to the center of the city and take the portal to Stormwind. Train your skills.

  1. Hearth to Honor Hold.

  2. Head southwest to the alliance mine and talk to Foreman Biggums and get the quests:

    • A Job for an Intelligent Man
    • When this Mine's a-Rockin'

  3. Head into the mine and kill 12 Gan'arg Sappers.
    Exit the mine and to Foreman Biggums and turn in When this Mine's a-Rockin' and get the follow-up The Mastermind.

    Go back into the mine to the bottom of the path and kill Z'Kral.
    Exit the mine to Foreman Biggums and turn in The Mastermind.

  4. Head southwest to see many piles of moving rocks. Step near them to have the Marauding Crust Bursters rise up and Kill 15. Keep killing them as well until you get an Eroded Leather Case which is a random drop - it starts the quest Missing Missive.

    • Then, return to Foreman Biggums and turn in A Job for an Intelligent Man.

  5. Head southwest to the Zeppelin Crash and get:

    • Ravager Egg Roundup
    • In Case of Emergency

  6. Head southwest and kill the ravagers to get to the 12 Ravager Egg lying around the ground. The ravagers also drop them.

  7. Head northeast to the Shattered Hand Orcs and use your Anchorite Relic. Pull the orcs near the relic and kill them. Each time you kill them, a Fel Spirit will spawn - Kill 10 of them.

  8. Return to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in Ravager Egg Roundup and get the follow-up Helboar, the Other White Meat.

  9. Ride east and kill Helboar which drop Tainted Helboar Meat - use the Purification Mixture on them until you get 8 Purified Helboar Meat. You could also get Toxic Helboar Meat from the mixture, which is useless.

  10. Return to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in Helboar, the Other White Meat and get the follow-up Smooth as Butter.

  11. Head south to the Expedition Armory and kill 12 Unyielding Footman, 10 Unyielding Sorceror, and 5 Unyielding Knight.

  12. Go south of the armory to find a destroyed house. Loot the book Mysteries of the Light in front of it.

  13. Ride northeast to the Valley of Bones. Follow the canyon eastward all the while killing all vultures and collecting all the zeppelin debris until done gathering 30 Zeppelin Debris and 12 Plump Buzzard Wing.

  14. Ride north to the Path of Glory and click on the Trampled Skeleton scattered around the path. They blend in with the road, but glitter. Head down the path and Cleanse 8 Trampled Skeleton.

  15. Ride southwest to Honor Hold. Turn in:

    • An Old Gift
    • The Path of Glory and get the follow-up The Temple of Telhamat
    • Fel Spirits and get the follow-up The Exorcism of Colonel Jules

      The quest begins the exorcism ritual and enemies start to spawn. Just keep using the Ritual Prayer Beads which releases a big AoE attack on cooldown to kill everything and complete The Exorcism of Colonel Jules by speaking with Colonel Jules. Then, get the follow-up Trollbane is Looking for You.

      Turn in that quest at the keep and get the Drill the Drillmaster (Group).

  1. Ride west to the west tower and turn in Unyielding Souls and get the follow-up, Looking to the Leadership.

  2. Ride southwest to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in

    • In Case of Emergency
    • Smooth as Butter and get the follow-up Voidwalkers Gone Wild

  3. Head southeast to the expedition armory. Clear your way through the armory and kill Arch Mage Xintor

  4. Kill Lieutenant Commander Thalvos.

  5. If you're not yet Level 61, then keep killing at the expedition armory until you hit 61. This location has a plentiful amount of low hp mobs which are close to each other, so the killing will go quickly and the experience will roll in. The next portion has quests which require you to be level 61 to get them, so keep at it.

    An alternative is to run the Hellfire Ramparts with a group - the first time you do the Ramparts, you get a 40,000 experience bonus from the quests alone in addition to the experience from the instance! The presence of this huge bonus means that if you can, you should run the ramparts at least once if possible. Finishing the Ramparts unlocks the Blood Furnace quests as well, which you should also run through once after the ramparts for a large experience bonus from the quests.

    Also, if you can find somebody to do the quest Drill the Drillmaster, he's at the end of the Path of Glory. Kill him with your partner.


  1. Hearth to Honor Hold.
    Start Looking for a Group for Overlord! The advisable group size is three. We're heading there soon.

  2. Head west to the tower and turn in Looking to the Leadership.

  3. Head far to the west along the path and turn north to the Temple of Telhamat.

    Turn in The Temple of Telhamat and get all the quests in the area:

    • Helping the Cenarion Post
    • Deadly Predators
    • In Search of Sedai
    • The Pools of Aggonar
    • An Ambitious Plan
    • Cruel Taskmasters
    • Makuru's Vengeance
    • The Rock Flayer Matriarch (Group)
    Set your Hearthstone to The Temple of Telhamat.

    Then, head east and Pick Up the Flight Path. Jump off east of the gryphon master.

  4. Head east to the Sedai's Corpse and complete In Search of Sedai and get the follow-up Return to Obadei.

  5. Return to the Temple of Telhamat and turn in Return to Obadei.

  6. Head northeast to Mag'har Post. Kill the orcs, especially going after Mag'har Grunts and Debilitated Grunts since those are the only orcs which drop the beads, though you'll likely need to clear the entire camp to get them to spawn and kill them. Collect 10 Mag'har Beads.

  7. Head out of the grounds then northeast to the Pools of Aggonar and clear your way north. Kill 6 Blistering Rot and 10 Terrorfiend. If you have a group, go to the end and kill Arazzius the Cruel. If not, feel free to keep searching for a group throughout the zone to kill him - its a lot of experience and a nice reward, too. Keep searching, there's a follow-up quest to go back to the pools in just two steps!

  8. Return to the Temple of Telhamat and turn in:

    • The Pools of Aggonar and get the follow-up Cleansing the Waters.
    • Makuru's Vengeance and get the follow-up Atonement - turn that in which leads to Sha'naar Relics.

  9. Head northeast to the Pools of Aggonar once again. Clear your way up a side to the north side. Stand near a giant skeleton remains of a corpse and a body of water, and make sure to clear all the mobs around. Use the Cleansing Vial to spawn Aggonis - kill him.

    If you have a group for Overlord, now's a great time to take him down! Again, if not, keep your eye out in chat and kill him later if possible.

  10. Hearth to the Temple of Telhamat. Turn in Cleansing the Waters.

  1. Head southwest to the Cenarion Post. Turn in Missing Missive and Helping the Cenarion Post. Get the quests:

    • The Cenarion Expedition
    • Colossal Menace (Group)
    • Demonic Contamination
    • Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!

    Note: look around for someone to do Colossal Menace during the rest of your time in Hellfire Peninsula. If you find someone, then group up and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the details of the Colossal Menace chain. Once done, proceed where left off.

  2. Immediately in the areas around the wagon and to the east are many Hulking Helboar - kill them until you receive 6 Helboar Blood Sample.

    • Then, return to the Cenarion Post and turn in Demonic Contamination and get the follow-up Testing the Antidote.

    • Then, look for a Hulking Helboar and use the Cenarion Antidote on it. It will turn into Dreadtusk - then, kill it.

    • Then, return to the Cenarion Expedition and turn in Testing the Antidote.

  3. Head southeast to the two dwarves and turn in The Longbeards. Get the quests:

    • The Arakkoa Threat
    • Rampaging Ravagers
    • Gaining Mirren's Trust (and turn it in immediately with your Nethergarde Bitter and get the follow-up The Finest Down.

  4. Head northwest and kill 10 Quillfang Ravagers.

    • Then, return to the dwarves and turn in Rampaging Ravagers.

  5. Head southeast and clear a path through to the arakkoa and look around for actual flying birds which drop the feathers as well as for Kaliri Nests and click them to spawn Kaliri Hatchling which drop Kaliri Feathers. Take a path up by the mountain when you see it and head across the upper bridges until you come to Avruu. Kill him and loot his orb, which starts the quest Avruu's Orb.

  6. Head down and further southeast to Aeranas. Click the orb which spawns an elemental. Defeat it to complete and turn in Avruu's Orb.

    On your way out, make sure to complete killing 4 Haal'eshi Windwalker and 6 Haal'eshi Talonguard and gathering 8 Kaliri Feathers.

  7. Return to the dwarves and turn in:

    • The Arakkoa Threat
    • The Finest Down

  8. Head northeast into The Great Fissure and start clearing towards the cave. Kill 4 Stonescythe Alpha and 8 Stonescythe Whelp.
    If you have a partner, enter the cave and kill Blacktalon the Savage at the end of the cave.

  9. Head southeast to the voidwalkers and kill voidwalkers until you collect 10 Condensed Voidwalker Essence. Also, look for an Uncontrolled Voidwalker and bring it to a low amount of health, then use your Sanctified Crystal to turn it into a Glowing Sanctified Crystal.

  10. Ride north to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in Voidwalkers Gone Wild.

  11. Ride to Honor Hold. Turn in Heart of Darkness.

  1. Fly to the Temple of Telhamat. Turn in your quests:

    • Deadly Predators
    • An Ambitious Plan

  2. Head southwest to Thornfang Hill and kill 8 Thornfang Ravager and 8 Thornfang Venomspitter.

  3. Head southeast to the Ruins of Sha'naar and kill 4 Illidari Taskmaster. Note that while Dreghood Brutes will attack with them, once the taskmaster is dead, the brutes stop attacking, so just focus on taskmasters. Also, collect 10 Sha'naar Relics.

    There are three huts around the area, go to any and pick up the quest Naladu.

  4. Head south up the stairs and avoid Arzeth the Merciless. Take the east path and turn in Naladu and get the follow-up A Traitor Among Us.

  5. Wait for Arzeth the Merciless to walk away from the hut at the top of the stairs. Go in it and open the Metal Coffer to get the Sha'nar Key.

    • Then, Return to Naladu and turn in A Traitor Among Us and get the follow-up The Dreghood Elders.

  6. Head down the stairs and talk to Morod the Windstirrer.

  7. Head north and talk to Aylann the Waterwalker.

  8. Head east and talk to Akoru the Firecaller.

  9. Return to Naladu and turn in The Dreghood Elders and get the follow-up, Arzeth's Demise.

  10. Head to the stairs and use the Staff of the Dreghood Elders on Arzeth to turn him into a regular monster. Kill him.

    • Then, return to Naladu and turn in Arzeth's Demise.

  11. Head north to the Cenarion Post and turn in Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!

  12. Ride to the Temple of Telhamat and turn in:

    • Cruel Taskmasters
    • Sha'naar Relics and get the follow-up The Seer's Relic.

  13. Head east to Sedai's Corpse and use the Seer's Relic by the corpse. Watch the memory until the quest is complete.

    • Then, return to the Temple of Telhamat and turn in The Seer's Relic.

If you have a partner to do the Raging Colossus questline with...

  1. Kill 5 Raging Colossus. Note that whenever damaged to a certain point, it splits off a Raging Shardling. Kill the shardling, then move back to the colossus, otherwise if you just stay on the colossus, the three spawned shardlings could overwhelm you. You will also get a Crimson Crystal Shard which starts Crimson Crystal Clue.

  2. Return to the Cenarion Post and turn in:

    • Colossal Menace
    • Crimson Crystal Clue and get the follow-up The Earthbinder, which can be immediately turned in. It will spawn a colossus, kill it as you did the raging colossus before. Get the follow-up, Natural Remedies.

  3. Return to the red crystal and clear all the way north to behind the crystal. Make sure to clear all colossus anywhere near the runed area! Use the Seed of Revitalization on the runed area to summon Goliathon who is just like a Colossus, except with a huge knockback which will send you flying - make sure to have your back facing an empty area.

  4. Return to Cenarion Post and turn in Natural Remedies.

Even without doing the Raging Colossus questline, you should reach Level 62.
That concludes Hellfire Peninsula, onwards to Zangarmarsh!