Terokkar Forest (Level 63-65)

  1. Head southeast to the entrance to Cenarion Thicket and turn in What's Wrong at Cenarion Thicket to Earthbinder Tavgren and get the follow-ups:

    • Clues in the Thicket
    • Strange Energy

  2. Head into the thicket and get It's Watching You! from the wandering bear druid.

    First, clear your way west to the tower and go all the way up and kill Naphthal'ar. Then, exit the tower and head to the night elf building. On the ground floor of it is a Strange Object. Examine it. Kill the Vicious Teromoth around for 4 Vicious Teromoth Samples.

    Return to the druid and turn and turn in It's Watching You!

  3. Head south and kill Teromoth on the other side of the road for 4 Teromoth Samples.

  4. Return to Earthbinder Tavgren and turn in:

    • Clues in the Thicket
    • Strange Energy and get the follow-up By Any Means Necessary

  5. Track down Empoor who wanders the path between Shattrath and Tuurem. Attack Empoor since both stop attacking when Empoor is near death. Complete By Any Means Necessary and get the follow-up Wind Trader Lathrai.

  6. Ride southeast to Allerian Stronghold. Get the Flight Path. Turn in The Fate of Tuurem. Pick up all the quests there:

    • Secrets of the Arakkoa
    • Thin the Flock
    • Olemba Seeds
    • Unruly Neighbors
    • Speak with Private Weeks
    • Styming the Arakkoa
    • Timber Worg Tails
    • Magical Disturbances
    • Wanted: Bonelashers Dead!

  1. Fly to Shattrath. Get A'dal from any Haggard War Veteran around in the area.

  2. Go to the center of Shattrath and turn in A'Dal. Get City of Light from Khadgar and follow the servant around the entire city, then turn in City of Light.

    • Then, become either an ally of the Scryers or the Aldor; your choice doesn't matter particularly, especially since the level cap is now 80 and these factions were mainly for level 70 purposes. The Aldor does have an extra quest in Terrokar Forest, so it gets the slight nod.

  3. Get the follow-up (Ishanah for Aldor, Voren'thal the Seer for Scryer) and head to either the Aldor Rise or the Scryer Rise. Turn in the quest, and for Aldors, get Restoring the Light.

    Set your Hearthstone to Shattrath City
    on your respective rise. Take the portal to Stormwind City and train your skills. Then, Hearth to Shattrath City.

  4. Head to the northern area of Shattrath into the Lower City. Get Rather be Fishin' from Seth.
    If Aldor, also pick up the quest A Cure for Zahlia.
    If Scryer, pick up the quest Strained Supplies.

  5. Head further east to Wind Trader Lathrai. Turn in Wind Trader Lathrai and get the follow-up A Personal Favor.

  6. Head west and up into the Arrakoa treehouse and get The Outcast's Plight from Vekax.

  7. Just south, turn in Secrets of the Arakkoa and get The Eyes of Skettis from Rilak. Also, get Voren'thal's Visions if Aldor from Arcanist Adyria (Note: though this quest gives Scryer reputation, Aldor & Scryer reputation is irrelevant given the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, so it's still an excellent quest to do as Aldor because it's an easy quest on the way).

  8. Head northeast out of Shattrath.

  1. Go to the lake and kill Shimmerscale Eels until done collecting 8 Pristine Shimmerscale Eel. If Aldor, kill the Ironspine Petrifiers in the area for Dampscale Basilisk Eyes (you don't have to finish collecting them yet.)

  2. Go southeast to Veil Reskk. During the next steps, gather Olemba Seeds and kill Timber Worgs for Timber Worg Tails along the way.

    • Clear your way up the wooden bridge and go up the tree house to kill Ashkaz.
    • Cross the upper rope bridges and get the Eye of Veil Reskk.
    • If you're Aldor, click the three altars located in the camp.
    • (You don't have to finish killing for Thin the Flock yet - finish in the next village)

  3. Ride southeast to Veil Shienor.

    • Enter the eastern tree. Clear your way up to the upper rope bridges and get the Eye of Veil Shienor at the end of the bridges.
    • Head down and kill Ayit who is in a hut to the northeast.
    • Finish killing 14 Shienor Talonite and 6 Shienor Sorceror.

  4. Head southeast into the forest. Kill 10 Warp Stalkers, kill Timber Worgs for 12 Timber Worg Tail, and gather 30 Olemba Seeds. (and if Aldor, finish collecting 8 Dampscale Basilisk Eyes). If you need more Worg Tails, there are many more worg to the east across the river.

  5. Hearth to Shattrath City once all those items are collected.

  1. At Shattrath City, turn in:

    • The Eyes of Skettis and get the follow-up Seek Out Kirrik
    • Rather be Fishin'
    • If Aldor: Restoring the Light and Voren'thal's Visions

  2. Head southeast out of Shattrath to Private Weeks. Make sure you Dismount so you can have the disguise put on you.
    Turn in Speak with Private Weeks and get the follow-up Who Are They?
    You should now be disguised (if not, talk to Private Weeks again).

  3. Head southeast into Grangol'var Village. You won't be attacked by anyone except the Shadowy Hunters, so stay away from them. Talk to:

    • Shadowy Advisor inside the keep
    • Shadowy Initiate by the pond
    • Shadowy Laborer wanders around

  4. Return to Private Weeks and turn in Who Are They? and get the follow-up Kill the Shadow Council!

  5. Head southeast into Grangol'var Village. Kill 10 Shadowy Executioner and 10 Shadowy Summoner as you clear your way to Shadowmaster Grieve, who is inside the keep.

  6. Head south to the Refugee Caravan.

  1. At the Refugee Caravan, turn in Seek Out Kirrik and get all the quests:

    • Before Darkness Falls
    • Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk
    • Missing Friends
    • The Infested Protectors

  2. Head northwest to Veil Skith, killing the infested treants on the way and the Wood Mite that they spawn when they die.

    • At Veil Skith, clear your way to the Darkstone of Terokk on the ground level in the middle of the camp. Use your Rod of Purification next to it.
    • Head up to the rope bridges via the tree house west of the Darkstone. Free 12 children from the cages using the Veil Skith Prison Keys and at the end of the road, kill Urdak.
    • Finish gathering 30 Arakkoa Feathers as well.

  3. Head southeast and finish killing 25 Wood Mite from the infested treants.

  4. Return to the Refugee Caravan. Turn in:

    • Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk and get the follow-up Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil
    • Missing Friends
    • The Infested Protectors

    and get the new quests:

    • The Tomb of Lights
    • The Vengeful Souls

  5. Head southeast to the Shadow council orcs and kill 8 Cabal Skirmisher, 4 Cabal Spell-Weaver, and 2 Cabal Initiate. Slay until you get the quest Cabal Orders from an item drop.

  6. Head east to the Tomb of Lights and kill all the Bonelasher on the way. (You don't have to finish killing 20 yet.)
    Kill 10 Ethereal Nethermancer, 10 Ethereal Plunderer, and 5 Vengeful Draenei.

  7. Head west and finish killing 20 Bonelasher.

  8. Return to the Refugee Caravan and turn in:

    • Before Darkness Falls
    • Cabal Orders and get the follow-up The Shadow Tomb
    • The Tomb of Lights

    and get the new quest: Recover the Bones.

  1. Hearth / Return to Shattrath City.

  2. Go to Vekax in northern Lower City and turn in The Outcast's Plight and don't get the follow-up.

  3. Head east to Wind Trader Lathrai and turn in A Personal Favor and get the follow-up Investigate Tuurem.

  1. Fly to Allerian Stronghold. Turn in:

    • Thin the Flock
    • Olemba Seeds and get the follow-up Vessels of Power
    • Magic Disturbances
    • Stymying the Arakkoa
    • Timber Worg Tails and get the follow-up The Elusive Ironjaw
    • Kill the Shadow Council!
    • Wanted: Bonelashers Dead! and get the follow-up Torgos! (Group)

  2. Head east to the Bonechewer Ruins and kill 12 Warped Peons.

  3. Head northeast to Allerian Post and turn in Unruly Neighbors. Get the follow-ups:

    • The Firewing Liaison
    • Thinning the Ranks

  4. Clear the way into the keep inside the Bonechewer Ruins and kill Lisaile Fireweaver and grab the Fel Orc Plans on the ground next to her for the quest Fel Orc Plans. Finish killing 10 Bonechewer Devastator and 6 Bonechewer Backbreaker on your way out.

  5. Head northwest and clear to the northeastern part of Tuurem. Gather 8 Draenei Vessels and kill the Firewing Courier inside a hut and loot the Sealed Box.

  6. Head west to Earthbinder Tavgren and turn in Investigate Tuurem and get the follow-up What Are These Things?

  7. Return to Allerian Stronghold. Turn in:

    • Vessels of Power
    • Fel Orc Plans
    • What Are These Things? and get the follow-up Report to the Allerian Post

  1. Ride northeast to Allerian Post and turn in:

    • The Firewing Liaison
    • Thinning the Ranks
    • Report to the Allerian Post and get the follow-up Attack on Firewing Point

  2. Head north to Firewing Point and kill 10 Firewing Defender, 10 Firewing Bloodwarder, and 10 Firewing Warlock.

  3. Head northwest and look for Ironjaw who roams around the area.

  4. Note: Aldor only! If Aldor, head further northwest and look for Stonegazer who wanders near the edge. Soloable elite.

  5. Return to Allerian Post and turn in Attack on Firewing Point and get the follow-up The Final Code.

  6. Head to Firewing Point. Clear to the northeast building.
    (Note: if you're leveling with someone, you can do the Isla Starmane escort quest Escape from Firewing Point, it is extremely difficult and not recommended if solo due to the amount of adds she attracts)

    Head all the way to the top and kill Sharth Voldoun to get The Final Code.

    Then, make your way back down and with the orb of translocation and clear to the Mana Bomb and click it.

  7. Return to Allerian Stronghold and turn in:

    • The Elusive Ironjaw
    • The Final Code and get the follow-up Letting Earthbinder Tavgren Know

  1. Fly to Shattrath City If Aldor, turn in A Cure for Zahlia in northern Shattrath, Lower City.

    Take the Stormwind Portal
    and Train your skills.
    Hearth to Shattrath City.

  2. Head east to Earthbinder Tavgren and turn in Letting Earthbinder Tavgren Know.

  3. Head southwest to the Refugee Caravan.
    If you're leveling with someone, head east and kill Trachela in the huge mound of Bonelashers for Trachela's Carcass, which you need to summon Torgos soon.

    Note: Throughout the Bone Wastes you'll find Restless Bones on the ground. Make sure to grab them and have 10 Restless Bones by the end of your time in The Bone Wastes.

  4. Head southwest to Veil Rhaze. Kill 4 Deathtalon Spirit, 4 Screeching Spirit, and 2 Spirit Raven.
    If you're leveling with someone, use Trachela's Carcass at the scarecrow Torgo's Bane in the area and kill Torgos. Otherwise, abandon the quest.

  5. Head northeast to the Shadow Tomb and clear all three corridors for the cabal chest at the end of each one and loot the contents. Go to the northern room last.

    • Gavel of K'alen in the western room
    • Drape of Arunen in the eastern room
    • Scroll of Atalor in the northern room

    At the northern room, get Akuno's escort quest, Escaping the Tomb. Fairly standard escort quest with 2 ambushes.

  6. Return to the Refugee Caravan.

  1. At the Refugee Caravan, turn in your quests:

    • Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil and get the follow-up Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike
    • The Shadow Tomb
    • Escaping the Tomb

  2. Ride southwest to Veil Lithic. Look for the Cursed Eggs, most are by the buildings. Open them until you Redeem 3 Hatchlings and Kill 3 Malevolent Hatchlings. The hatchling type is random and one spawns upon opening the eggs.

  3. Ride southeast to Sha'tari Base Camp and get the quests:

    • An Improper Burial
    • Taken in the Night
    • Digging Through Bones
    • The Dread Relic

    Digging Through Bones starts an easy escort quest. Follow the dwarves to and back from their dig and get the follow-up Fumping.

    • Fumping is doable solo and quickly if you get the guards at the camp involved. Head JUST east of the base camp and immediately stop when the zone changes from Sha'tari Base Camp to The Bone Wastes.

      Use your Fumper, then run back towards the guards to get the guards to attack the spawned mobs. Make sure to use your burst damage on the Bone Sifters so you get credit for the kill. Do this until you get 8 Mature Bone Sifter Carcass, then turn in Fumping and get the follow-up The Big Bone Worm (Group).

  4. Head east and Burn 8 Sha'tar Vindicator and Auchenai Warrior Corpses.

  5. Return to Sha'tari Base Camp and turn in An Improper Burial and get the follow-up A Hero is Needed.

  6. Head east and kill 12 Auchenai Initiate and 5 Auchenai Doomsayer.

  7. Head further east to the Derelict Caravan and clear to the Massive Treasure Chest. Open it and loot the Dread Relic, then either AoE or run away from the circle of zombies which spawn.

  8. Make sure you've finished gathering 10 Restless Bones!

    If done collecting them, head through the southeastern tunnel of Auchindoun and go down the western tunnel in central Auchindoun. Get the quest I See Dead Draenei from Ha'lei. Then, go to Ramdor the Mad and turn in the quests:

    • Recover the Bones and get the follow-up Helping the Lost Find Their Way
    • I See Dead Draenei and get the follow-up Ezekiel

  9. Head southeast to Vindicator Haylen and get For the Fallen.

  1. Head southeast and kill 20 Dreadfang Widow and free 6 Sha'tar Warrior from the Netherweb Victim cocoons.

  2. Return to Vindicator Haylen and turn in For the Fallen.
    If you have a partner with you, get the follow-up Terokkarantula and go back to the very southeasternmost area of the spider area to kill Terokkarantula.

  3. Head west and kill 10 Lost Spirit and 10 Broken Skeleton.

  4. Reach the Sha'tari Base Camp and turn in:

    • Taken in the Night
    • A Hero is Needed and get the follow-up The Fallen Exarch
    • The Dread Relic and don't get the follow-up

  5. Head northeast up the stairs and kill the Auchenai around the Auchenai Coffin to spawn the Reanimated Exarch and kill it.

  6. Return to Sha'tari Base Camp and turn in The Fallen Exarch.

  7. Ride northeast to the Refugee Caravan and turn in Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike and Helping the Lost Find Their Way. Don't get any follow-ups.

  8. Ride north to Shattrath City.

    Take the Portal to Stormwind and train your skills. Also:

    • If ALDOR: Buy so you have 10 Mark of Kil'jaeden and 1 Fel Armament
    • If SCRYER: Buy so you have 10 Firewing Signet and 1 Arcane Tome

    Then, Hearth to Shattrath City. At the Aldor or Scryer Rise, turn in those two collection quests with the items bought above.

    That's it for Terokkar Forest, time to go to the lush greens of Nagrand, a welcome change from the Bone Wastes!