Redridge Mountains (Level 17-20)

  1. Go to Tower Watch. Turn in Hero's Call: Redridge Mountains! and get the quests: Still Assessing the Threat, Wanted: Redridge Gnolls, Franks and Beans
    • Over the next three steps, kill 15 Redridge Gnoll.
  2. Take the Gnoll Battle Plan.
  3. Take the Gnoll Strategy Guide
  4. Take the Gnoll Orders.
  5. Kill the local life for 4 Tarantula Eye, 4 Condor Giblets, 4 Goretusk Kidney.
    • Return to Tower Watch.
  1. At Tower Watch turn in all three quests. Get Parker's Report.
  2. Go to Lakeshire. Get the Flight Path on the way. Turn in your two quests to Magistrate Solomon. Get the quests in town: We Must Prepare!, Lake Everstill Clean Up, and Nida's Necklace
  3. Further to the west, get An Unwelcome Guest. Kill Bellygrub, then complete the quest.
  4. Hop into the lake. Look around for Glinting Mud. Get Nida's Necklace from it. Sometimes it's even east past the bridge.
  5. Loot the Gnomecorder on the Murloc's island and kill 10 Murlocs.
    • Return to Lakeshire.
  1. At Lakeshire, and turn in the three quests. Get the new quests: Tuning the Gnomecorder and Like a Fart in the Wind.
  2. Go to the Graveyard to complete Tuning the Gnomecorder. Get Canyon Romp.
  3. Kill Gnolls for 10 Redridge Gnoll Collar and gather 8 Redridge Supply Crate. You'll also get a Dirt-Stained Scroll. Get He Who Controls the Ettins from it.
  4. Once you've looted 10 Redridge Gnoll Collar, complete Canyon Ramp and get They Wised Up. Go west and take the path north into the Rethban Caverns.
    • Once you've killed an orc, you'll complete They've Wised Up. Get Yowler Must Die!
    • At the end of the cave, kill Ardo Dirtpaw. Complete He Who Controls the Ettins and get Saving Foreman Oslow.
  5. Exit the cave and then head north to Yowler. Look around for a Canyon Ettin. Use the Ettin Control Orb on it. Kill Yowler for the Blackrock Invasion Plans.
  6. Bring a Canyon Ettin to Foreman Oslow at the Lakeshire Bridge.
    • Return to Lakeshire.
  1. At Lakeshire turn in your three quests. Get the new quests: John J. Keeshan and Hero's Call: Duskwood!
    • Go to the Lakeshire Inn basement and complete your quest. Get This Ain't My War. Return to the Town Hall and complete the quest. Get the new quests that open up: Weapons of War, In Search of Bravo Company, Surveying Equipment, and Render's Army
  2. Go northeast to Alther's Mill. Talk to Messner and complete In Search of Bravo Company. Get Breaking Out is Hard to Do. Grab Messner's Cage Key when it's safe to (watch out for Blackrock Worg Captain's patrol) then return and complete the quest. Get Jorgenson.
  3. Head east and kill Homurk and Murdunk for Keeshan's Bow and Keeshan's Survival Knife. Get His Heart Must Be In It. Don't worry about killing 25 orcs yet.
  4. Go north and kill Utroka the Keymistress for Jorgnsen's Cage Key. Let Messner draw aggro.
  5. Fight your way northwest to Render's Camp. Complete Jorgenson. Get Krakauer.
  6. Go into the cave. Take the first right and kill Ritualist Tarak. Complete your quest and get And Last But Not Least...Danforth. Also, grab Keeshan's Jade Amulet and Keeshan's Red Headband.
    • Go deeper into the cave and kill Overlord Barbarius. Let your friends tank. Pull the lever and complete the quest. Get Return of the Bravo Company.
    • Return to Lakeshire and complete your four quests. Get They Drew First Blood. Return to Keeshan and turn in your quest. Get It's Never Over.
  7. Go east to the dock and take a ride on Keeshan's Riverboat.

  1. Go east to the dock and take a ride on Keeshan's Riverboat. Complete the quest and get: Point of Contact: Brubaker, Bravo Company Field Kit: Camouflage, Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform, and Hunting the Hunters
  2. West into the lake. Kill Muckdweller for 8 Muckdweller Gland.
  3. South Gather 5 Pile of Leaves and 5 Fox Poop. Kill 8 Blackrock Hunter.
  4. Go east to Brubaker and complete your quest. Get Unspeakable Atrocities.
  5. Return to Keeshan.

  1. At Keeshan, turn in your four quests. Get Prisoners of War. Use the Bravo Company Field Kit, then activate Camoflauge (Ability 1). As you approach the camp, use Distraction (Ability 2) to get the guards to move.
  2. Go southeast and take the Blackrock Holding Pen Key. You'll have to use Distraction a couple times and Chloroform (Ability 3) against the single guard.
  3. Go to the Blackrock Holding Pens and open one to complete the quest. Get To Win a War, You Gotta Become War.
  4. Plant the seaforium at the top of the Blackrock Tower and Munitions Hut.
  5. Go east to Shalewind Canyon.

  1. At Shalewind Canyon, Get the Flight Path. Turn in your quest and get Detonation. Turn that in and get Shadowhide Extinction and The Dark Tower.
  2. Go north and kill General Fangore for the Key of Ilgalar. Complete your quest and get The Grand Magus Doane.
  3. Go south and enter the Tower of Ilgalar. Kill the Grand Magus Doane. He summons a mean abomination when he's low - you're going to want to burn him down fast or interrupt that summon.
  4. Return to Shalewind Canyon. Turn in your two quests. Get AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Drive your tank north and mow down 200 orcs. Drive northwest to Keeshan's Post. Complete your quest and get Showdown at Stonewatch.
  5. Barrel northeast into Stonewatch. Kill Tharil'zun and Gath'ilzogg. Complete your quest. Get Darkblaze, Brood of the Worldbreaker. Then, use the Horn of Summoning and defeat Darkblaze.
    • Return to Keeshan's Post and turn in your quest. Get Triumphant Return.
    • Hearth to Lakeshire. Turn in your quest.