Duskwood (Level 20-25)

  1. Follow the path to Darkshire. Get the Flight Path. Get all the quests: Dusty Crab Cakes, Seasoned Wolf Kabobs, Wolves at Our Heels, Worgen in the Woods, and The Legend of Stalvan. Turn this in at Clark Daltry and get The Stolen Letters.
  2. Go north and kill 12 Dire Wolf and gather 5 Wolf Skirt Steak. Kill Venom Web Spiders for 6 Dusky Lump.
  3. Go south and get the Bundle of Shredded Letters. Kill 7 Nightbane Worgen in the area.
    • Return to Darkshire. Turn in your quests. Get the new quests: The Hermit, The Night Watch, In a Dark Corner, The Rotting Orchard, and Look to the Stars (a bit east)
  4. Go east to Ambercrombie. Complete The Hermit and get Supplies from Darkshire.
    • Return to Darkshire.
  1. At Darkshire, turn in your quest. Get Ghost Hair Thread.
  2. Go to Blind Mary. Turn in your quests. Get Return the Comb and The Insane Ghoul. Kill 8 Rotting Horror outside.
    • Turn in The Night Watch and at Return the Comb at Darkshire. Get Bones That Walk and Deliver the Thread.
  3. Go east to Abercrombie. Turn in your quest. Get Zombie Juice.
    • Return to Darkshire. Turn in Zombie Juice and get Gather Rot Blossoms.
  4. Go southeast to Tranquil Gardens Cemetary. Kill 5 Skeletal Warrior and 5 Skeletal Mage outside, Gather 5 Rot Blossom, kill the Insane Ghoul inside and loot Mary's Looking Glass.
  5. Kill 10 Nightbane Shadow Weaver and loot the Torn Journal.
    • Return to Darkshire.
  1. At Darkshire, turn in all five quests. Get the follow-up Juice Delivery. Get Vile and Tainted, Roland's Doom, and Classy Glass.
    • Go to Abercrombie. Turn in your quest and get Ogre Thieves.
  2. Go south and fight your way to the Muddy Journal Page and loot it. Kill 8 Nightbane Vile Fang and 8 Nightbane Tainted One in the area.
  3. Go west to Apprentice Fess. Get Vulgar Vul'Gol, A Deadly Vine, and The Yorgen Worgen.
  4. Go southeast to The Yorgen Farmstead. Go to the Mound of Loose Dirt and activate it. Finish gathering 5 Corpseweed by killing the Corpseweed.
  5. Go west to Vol'Gol Ogre Mound. Grab Abercrombie's Crate outside the ogre cave. Fight your way to Zzarc'Vul and kill him for the Ogre's Monocle.
    • Return to Apprentice Fess' Camp.
  1. At Apprentice Fess' Camp, turn in your quests. Get Delivery to Master Harris.
  2. Go west to Raven Hill. Turn in your quest. Get the four quests: A Curse We Cannot Lift, Soothing Spirits, The Jitters-Bugs, and Rebels Without a Clue.
  3. Head east. Kill Black Widow Hatchlings for 8 Widow Venom Sac.
  4. Go southwest to Addle's Stead. Use the Holy Censer to soothe 5 Forlorn Spirits. Search the main building for the Lurking Worgen. It will leap out and attack you. Bring it down to low health, then use Harris' Ampule on it.
    • Return to Raven Hill.
  1. At Raven Hill, turn in your quests. Get Cry For The Moon and complete the quest. Get The Fate of Morbent Fel, Bear in Mind, and The Cries of the Dead.
  2. Go west and kill Coalpelt Bears for 8 Black Bear Brain.
  3. Go northeast into the house of Morbent Fel and gather the Remains of Morbent Fel.
  4. Go north to A Weathered Grave and get the quest The Weathered Grave.
  5. Go south and kill 20 Ghouls in Raven Hill.
    • Return and turn in the three quests. Get The Lurking Lich and turn it in to get Guided By the Light.
  6. Go northeast to the Dawning Wood Catacombs. Outside, turn in Guided By the Light and get The Halls of the Dead.
    • Go deeper into the catacombs to the left side to complete the quest. Get Buried Below. Go through the tunnel in the wall ahead and complete the quest. Get Morbent's Bane. Keep going ahead to face Morbent Fel. Use Morbent's Bane on him, then kill him.
    • Return to Sven and turn in Morbent's Bane. Get Rebels Without a Clue.
  1. Fly to Darkshire and turn in all your quests, including to Abercrombie to the northeast, and turn in all the follow-up quests that result. You will be left with three quests: Clawing at the Truth, Mistmantle's Revenge, and Mor'Ladim (Group).
  2. Go northeast to Manor Mistmantle. Kill the Fetid Corpses for 7 Ghoul Rib. Go into the hut and use the Mistmantle Family Ring.
  3. Return to Abercrombie and turn in your quest. Get Note to the Mayor.
    • Return to Darkshire and turn in the two quests. Get The Embalmer's Revenge. Kill Stitches outside, then complete the quest. Abandon Mor'Ladim (Group).