Westfall (Level 12-17)

  1. Go into Westfall to Lieutenant Horatio Lane. Turn in your two quests and get Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me.
  2. In the field, get 4 clues from the drifters by talking to them. Choose the bribe option.
    • Return to Lieutenant Horatio and turn in your quest. Get Hot on the Trail: The Riverpaw Clan and Hot on the Trail: Murlocs.
  3. Kill gnolls for the Riverpaw Gnoll Clue.
  4. Kill murlocs for the Murloc Clue.
    • Return to Lieutenant Horatio.
  1. At Lieutenant Horatio, turn in your quests. Get Meet Two-Shoed Lou.
  2. Go to the Furlbrow's Pumpkin Farm. Get the Flight Path. Turn in your quest and get the three quests: Livin' the Life, I TAKE Candle, and Feast or Famine.
  3. Kill Coyotes for 6 Coyote Tails and gather 5 Fresh Dust.
  4. Enter the Jangolode Mine. Fight your way to the end of it, then use Two-Shoed Lou's Old House. On your way out, finish killing 12 Kobold Digger.
    • Return to Furlbrow's Pumpkin Farm.
  1. At Furlbrow's Pumpkin Farm turn in the two quests. Get Lou's Parting Thoughts.
    • Go behind the farmhouse and eavesdrop on the thugs.
    • Return and turn in your quest. Get Shakedown at Saldean's.
  2. Go to Saldean's Farm. Turn in your quest. Get Times are Tough.
    • Kill 10 Harvest Watcher in the fields. You'll get a Harvest Watcher Heart which starts the quest Heart of the Watcher.
    • Turn in your quests to Saldean. Get It's Alive! and Westfall Stew.
    • In the fields of the farm, gather 6 Okra.
  3. Kill Young Fleshrippers and Goretusks for 6 Stringy Fleshripper Meat and 6 Goretusk Flank.
  4. Use the Harvest Watcher Heart on an Overloaded Harvest Golem. Run over and kill 25 Energized Harvest Reapers.
    • Return to Saldean and turn in your quests. Get You Have Our Thanks. Turn that in and get Hope for the People.
  5. Go to Sentinel Hill.
  1. At Sentinel Hill, Get the Flight Path. Set your Hearthstone to Sentinel Hill. Turn in your quest and get all the new quests: Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless, In Defense of Westfall, The Westfall Brigade, The Legend of Captain Grayson, and Hero's Call: Redridge Mountains
  2. Use the Westfall Stew near the homeless to feed 20 Homeless.
  3. Kill 12 Riverpaw Gnolls. Also, loot a Gnoll Attack Orders.
    • Return to Sentinel Hill and complete the three quests. Get Jango Spothide and Find Agent Kearnen.
  4. Kill Jango Spothide, 5 Riverpaw Taskmaster, and 5 Riverpaw Mystic
  5. Go to Agent Kearnen and turn in your quest. Get Secretes of the Tower.
  6. Go into the tower. The moment you enter, use your Potion of Shrouding. Listen to the Helix's conversation.
    • Return to Agent Kearnen and turn in your quest. Get Big Trouble in Moonbrook.
    • Return to Sentinel Hill.
  1. At Sentinel Hill, turn in your quests. Get To Moonbrook!
  2. Go to Moonbrook. Get the Flight Path. Turn in your quest. Get Propaganda.
  3. Check the buildings on the west side. When you kill a Moonbrook Thug, you'll get a Red Bandana, which starts Evidence Collection. Kill more thugs for 6 Red Bandana. Find the Mysterious Propagnda, Informational Pamphlet, Issue of the Moonbrook Times, and Secret Journal. (the secret Journal is in the middle 'inn' building, upstairs)
    • Return and turn in your two quests to Captain Alpert. Get The Dawning of a New Day.
    • Go into the center of Moonbrook and listen to the speech.
    • Return to Captain Alpert and turn in your quest. Get Secrets Revealed, and turn that quest in. Get A Vision of hte Past.
  4. Go into the Defias Hideout and follow the homeless to the entrance of the Deadmines. Inside, use the Incense Burner.
  5. Exit the Deadmines and swim to Captain Grayson. Turn in The Legend of Captain Grayson. Get Keeper of the Flame, The Coast Isn't Clear, and The Coastal Menace.
  6. Kill 7 Murloc Tidehunter and 7 Murloc Oracle. Kill Old Murk-Eye for Scale of Old Murk-Eye.
    • Return to Captain Grayson and turn in your quests.
    • Hearth to Sentinel Hill. Turn in your quest. Get Rise of the Brotherhood.