Nagrand (Level 65-67)

  1. Enter Nagrand from southwest Terokkar Forest and follow the road north, then west. Get I Must Have Them! from Wazat.

  2. Ride northeast along the road to the Nesingwary Safari. Get the quests:

    • Talbuk Mastery
    • Windroc Mastery
    • Clefthoof Mastery

  3. Ride west to Garadar. Get the Flight Path and Set your Hearthstone to Garadar. Get all the quests in town:

    • Vile Idolatry
    • The Throne of the Elements
    • Wanted: Giselda the Crone
    • Wanted: Zorbo the Advisor
    • Missing Mag'hari Procession
    • Murkblood Leaders...
    • Proving your Strength
    • The Missing War Party
    • He Called Himself Altruis...
    • The Impotent Leader
    • The Consortium Needs You! (slightly west of Garadar)

  4. Ride northeast to the Throne of the Elements. Turn in The Throne of the Elements and get the new quests:

    • The Underneath and turn it in to get The Tortured Earth
    • A Rare Bean
    • Muck Diving

    During the next steps, kill any Dust Howlers for 3 Air Elemental Gas as well as a Howling Wind which starts the quest The Howling Wind.

  5. Kill 12 Windrocs.

  6. Kill 10 Tortured Earth Spirit. If there aren't enough in this area, as you kill the other animals you should find more as well, so just move on and keep looking.

  7. Kill 12 Talbuk Stags.

  8. Kill 12 Clefthoof.

  9. Return to Nesingwary Safari when you've killed 12 each of Windrocs, Talbuk Stags, Clefthoof, 10 Tortured Earth Spirit, and collected the Howling Wind and 3 Air Elemental Gas from Dust Howlers. Turn in all the mastery quests and get the three follow-ups:

    • Talbuk Mastery
    • Windroc Mastery
    • Clefthoof Mastery

  1. Head northwest to the Throne of the Elements. Turn in:

    • The Howling Wind and get the follow-up Murkblood Corrupters
    • The Tortured Earth and get the follow-up Eating Damnation

  2. Head west and gather 8 Digested Caracoli and kill 12 Talbuk Thorngrazer. Kill any Enraged Crusher in sight as well as a top priority.

  3. Head southwest and loop above the Halaa basin and clear a path through the Clefthoof Bull and kill 12. Also, keep an eye out for any Enraged Crushers and kill them on sight.

  4. Head further southwest and kill more Enraged Crusher.

  5. Head west to the road and follow it around the basin to the east. Patrolling this road are 3 Murkblood Invaders. Kill them and loot the Murkblood Invasion Plans which starts Murkblood Invaders.

  6. On the way back, finish gathering 10 Enraged Crusher Core from Enraged Crushers.

  7. Return to the Throne of the Elements and turn in:

    • A Rare Bean and get the follow-up Agitated Spirits of Skysong
    • Eating Damnation and get the follow-up Shattering the Veil

  8. Head south into the lake, use a Nagrand Cherry, and kill 8 Lake Spirits.

    • Then, return to the Throne of the Elements and turn in Agitated Spirits of Skysong and get the follow-up Blessing of Incineratus

  1. At the Throne of the Elements, turn in Agitated Spirits of Skysong and get the follow-up Blessing of Incineratus.

  2. Ride south and kill 12 Ravenous Windroc.

  3. Ride through the Telaari Basin and go to to Wazat. Turn in I Must Have Them! Don't get the follow-up.

  4. Ride southeast to Kilrath. Turn in The Impotent Leader and get the follow-up Don't Kill the Fat One.

  5. Further south, kill 10 Boulderfist Invader. Then, only when you've already killed 10 Boulderfist Invaders, bring Unkor down to a low health and he will submit. Turn in Don't Kill the Fat One and get the follow-up Success!

  6. Return to Kilrath and turn in Success! and get the follow-up Because Kilrath is a Coward.

  7. Then, Hearth to Garadar.

  1. At Garadar, turn in Because Kilrath is a Coward and get the follow-ups Message in a Battle and Standards and Practices.

  2. Ride southeast to the Nesingwary Safari and turn in the three mastery quests and get the final part of each chain:

    • Talbuk Mastery (Group) (kill Bach'lor)
    • Windroc Mastery (Group) (kill Gutripper)
    • Clefthoof Mastery (Group) (kill Banthar)
  3. Look for a partner to kill all three targets if possible. There's no need to do it now - keep looking, and when you find someone to do all three, follow this path as shown. Don't go now if you don't have a partner unless you're confident in your class' soloing ability.

    When done with all three, turn all of them in to Nesingwary and get the final part of the chain: The Ultimate Bloodsport. Then, go hunt Tusker (shown in image above). There's no need to run across the zone to turn the quest in after killing Tusker, turn it in at convenience whenever visiting the Throne of the Elements.

  4. Ride southeast to Windyreed Village and set the four huts on fire. Enter each hut and stand in the middle, then use the Living Fire.

  5. Ride southeast to the Burning Blade Ruins. Kill 8 Boulderfist Crusher and 8 Boulderfist Mystic while making your way through the camp through the next steps. Also, make sure you've collected 10 Obsidian War Beads in the area.

    • At the First Burning Blade Pyre, use the Mag'har Battle Standard.
    • Clear your way up the mountain to the Second Burning Blade Pyre and use the standard.
    • Further up the mountain, to the east, is the Third Burning Blade Pyre.

  6. Return to Garadar.

  1. At Garadar, turn in:

    • Message in a Battle and get the follow-up An Audacious Advance
    • Standards and Practices and get the follow-up Hollow Supply Crates
    • Proving your Strength

  2. Ride northeast to the Throne of the Elements and turn in Blessing of Incineratus. Get the follow-up The Spirit Polluted.

  3. Ride southwest into the Halaani Basin. Kill Muck Spawns for 5 Muck-Ridden Cores.

  4. Head north to the ogre cave and kill 10 Boulderfist Warrior and 10 Boulderfist Mage while gathering 10 Bleeding Hollow Supply Crate.

  5. Return to Garadar.

Big Note: Level 67 in Nagrand is a big deal! It opens up the Ring of Blood questline in northern Nagrand by the Laughing Skull Ruins . Keep an eye out for groups looking for more for the Ring of Blood - completion of the entire series means an awesome rare weapon, Over 100,000 experience, and a decent amount of gold and potions.

The Ring of Blood requires a full group of five if everyone is around level 67. If you can get the help of a couple high levels though, this will be an extremely quick 100k experience.

  1. At Garadar, turn in An Audacious Advance and Bleeding Hollow Supply Crates. Get the follow-up Diplomatic Measures.

  2. Ride northwest to the Mag'hari Procession. Turn in Missing Mag'hari Procession and The Missing War Party. Get the quests: War on the Warmaul and Finding the Survivors.

  3. Ride northwest to Warmaul Hill. Kill 8 Warmaul Brute and 8 Warmaul Warlock, and use the keys they drop to Free 5 Mag'har Prisoner.

  4. Ride southeast to Sunspring Post. Wander around the village and finish all the objectives:

    • Kill 5 Murkblood Putrifier
    • Kill 20 Murkblood Scavenger
    • Kill 10 Murkblood Raider
    • Kill Ortor of Murkblood (inside the big, main hut)
    • Gather 10 Murkblood Idol

  5. Head southeast into the lake. Kill 8 Lake Surgers and Watoosun for Watoosun's Polluted Essence.

  6. Return to the Mag'hari Procession and turn in:

    • Finding the Survivors
    • Once Were Warriors and get the follow-up He Will Walk the Earth
    • War on the Warmaul

  7. Ride south to Altruis the Sufferer. Turn in He Called Himself Altruis... and get the follow-up Survey the Land and start the flight. After landing, turn the quest in and don't get the follow-up.

  8. Follow the road to Aeris Landing.

  1. At Aeris Landing, turn in The Consortium Needs You! and get all the quests:

    • Stealing from Thieves
    • Matters of Security
    • A Head Full of Ivory
    • Gava'xi

  2. Head southeast and kill Wild Elekk to collect 3 Pair of Ivory Tusks.

  3. Head south and kill 8 Voidspawn.

  4. Head south and kill Gava'xi who wanders around the crystal chunks and a bit to the east as well. Collect 10 Oshu'gun Crystal Fragments.

  5. Head southwest to the very edge where you'll find Shattered Rumblers. Use Gordawg's Boulder on them and they split into Minions of Gurok. Kill 30.

  6. Ride to Aeris Landing and turn in all the quests.

    • Stealing from Thieves
    • Matters of Security
    • A Head Full of Ivory
    • Gava'xi

  7. Ride east to Lantresor the Blademaster at the Burning Blade Ruins.

  1. At Lantresor, turn in Diplomatic Measures and get the two follow-up quests: Armaments for Deception and Ruthless Cunning.

  2. Leave the ruins and head south to Kil'Sorrow Fortress. Clear your way towards the southern fortress, and complete all the objectives:

    • Kill 10 Kil'Sorrow Agents
    • Plant 10 Warmaul Banners on their corpses
    • Gather 10 Kil'sorrow Armaments scattered about. (Note: there are many Armaments right outside the fortress to the left and the right.)
    • Head in the fortress and kill Giselda the Crone

  3. Return to Lantresor and turn in the Armaments for Deception and Ruthless Cunning. Get the follow-up quests: Body of Evidence and Returning the Favor.

  4. If you've done the final hunting quests, turn in The Ultimate Bloodsport to Nesingwary's Camp on the way.

    Ride to the Throne of the Elements and turn in all the quests:

    • The Spirit Polluted
    • Muck Diving
    • Murkblood Corrupters
    • Shattering the Veil and don't get the follow-up.

  5. Head west to the Laughing Skull Ruins. Just like the earlier Kil'Sorrow Fortress, complete all of the many objectives:

    • Kill 5 Warmaul Shaman and 5 Warmaul Reaver
    • Plant 10 Kil'Sorrow Banners on their corpses
    • Clear the area around the Blazing Warmaul Pyre and use the Damp Woolen Blanket
    • Head north into the upper cave and kill Zorbo the Advisor

  6. Return to Lantresor and turn in Body of Evidence and Returning the Favor. Get the follow-up Message to Garadar.

  7. Hearth to Garadar. Turn in:

    • Message to Garadar
    • Vile Idolatry
    • Wanted: Giselda the Crone
    • Wanted: Zorbo the Advisor
    • He Will Walk the Earth...
    • Murkblood Leaders...

Before leaving the zone, take one last call to the zone to see if you can finish the Nesingwary final boss chains with a partner and the Ring of Blood - they're valuable chains. Or if you have a high level friend, bring them in to help! If not though, have no fear, the guide assumes pure solo and you can easily get to 68 in the next zone (if you aren't already).

Its time for the final zone to push you to 68 - the Blade's Edge Mountains. Note that if you already are 68, you can and should skip Blade's Edge Mountains and head straight to Northrend!