Blade's Edge Mountains (Level 67-68)

  1. Fly to Swamprat Post, Zangarmarsh.

  2. Ride northwest to Grunt Grahk. Get Killing the Crawlers.

  3. Clear your way through the tunnel and kill 6 Cavern Crawler. You'll probably find yourself killing at least 20 through this long tunnel full of spiders. Oh the humanity, why is the tunnel so long?

  4. Finally get out of the tunnel into Blade's Edge Mountains!

  1. Ride north to Thunderlord Stronghold. Get the Flight Path. Set your Hearthstone to Thunderlord Stronghold. Turn in Killing the Crawlers and The Ogre Threat and get all the quests in town:

    • Felling an Ancient Tree
    • The Bladespire Threat
    • The Encroaching Wilderness

  2. Ride south and kill 12 Bladewing Bloodletter.

    • Then, return to Thunderlord Stronghold and turn in The Encroaching Wilderness. Get the follow-up Dust from the Drakes.

  3. Ride northwest from Thunderlord Stronghold and kill your way west towards Bladespire Hold. An ogre will drop a Thunderlord Clan Artifact, which starts the quest Thunderlord Clan Artifacts.

  4. Clear your way southwest to the Thunderlord Clan Drum which is inside a hut. Pick it up.

  5. Clear your way northeast to the Thunderlord Clan Arrow. It is outside, on top of a set of building ruins.

  6. Clear your way north to the Thunderlord Clan Tablet which is inside a hut. Then, finish killing 30 Bladespire Ogres and 10 Bladespire Raptors.

  7. Return to Thunderlord Stronghold.

  1. At Thunderlord Stronghold, turn in your quests:

    • The Bladespire Threat and get the follow-up The Bloodmaul Ogres
    • Thunderlord Clan Artifacts and get the follow-up Vision Guide

    In front of Rokgah Bloodgrip, use the Fiery Soul Fragment and relax as your character gets sent on an uncontrollable scouting mission. Once you return to your character, turn in Vision Guide and get the follow-up The Thunderspike.

  2. Ride west across the bridge, killing all Fey Drakes on the way. Kill Stronglimb Deeproot who wanders along the north-south road. Finish collecting 4 Dust of the Fey Drake as well from the fey drakes.

  3. Ride southeast down the ramp and go to T'chali the Witch Doctor. Get They Stole Me Hookah and Me Brews!

  4. Clear your way south, killing all the ogres and gathering all Bloodmaul Brutebane Brew along the way. Pick up T'chali's Hookah.

  5. Enter the cave and at the end of it, loot the Thunderspike. This will spawn Gor Grimgut - kill him for The Thunderspike.

  6. Return to T'chali and finish collecting 10 Bloodmaul Brutebane Brew.

  1. At T'chali, turn in They Stole Me Hookah and Me Brews! and get the follow-up Bladespire Kegger.

  2. Ride northwest to Bladespire Hold. Use the Bloodmaul Brutebane Keg when you're near an ogre and out of combat and it will come drink. Get 4 Ogres Drunk.

  3. Return to T'chali and turn in Bladespire Kegger. Get the follow-up Grimnok and Korgaah, I Am For You!

  4. Ride south and clear your way up the tower and kill Grimnok Battleborn. Also, make sure to have finished killing 30 Bloodmaul Ogres by now. Also, make sure to loot one more Bloodmaul Brutemane Brew.

  5. Ride north to Bladespire Hold. Climb up the ramp on the outside of the house and you'll enter a room with Korgaah and two elite sober ogres. Use the Bloodmaul Brutebane Brew to pull Korgaah without his elite guards, then kill him.

  6. Return to T'chali and turn in Grimnok and Korgaah, I Am For You! and don't get the follow-up.

  7. Hearth back to Thunderlord Stronghold. Turn in:

    • Dust from the Drakes
    • Felling an Ancient Tree
    • The Bloodmaul Ogres
    • The Thunderspike

    This should be more than enough to get you to Level 68. If not, finish up a few extra quests from Blade's Edge before moving on.

Level 68 is the minimum level requirement to enter Northrend. And should you go to Northrend at level 68? Absolutely!

  • Northrend quest experience is much greater than that of The Outlands, with pretty much every single quest rewarding over 20k experience apiece.
  • The monsters give more experience and are not more difficult.
  • The quest rewards are huge upgrades.
Fly to Shattrath. Take the portal to Orgrimmar. Train your skills.