Northern Stranglethorn (Level 25-30)

  1. At Grom'gol Base Camp, get the Flight Path. Set your Hearth to Grom'gol Base Camp, turn in Northern Stranglethorn: The Fallen Empire. Get The Defense of Grom'gol: Raptor Risk.
  2. Desroy 12 Raptor Eggs. Upon the last egg destroyed, you'll receive the quest A Lashtail Hatchling.
    • Return to Grom'gol Base Camp and turn in the two quests. Get the new quests: I Think She's Hungry, The Defense of Grom'gol: Ogre Oppression, and The Defense of Grom'gol: Murloc Menace
  3. Kill 4 Mosh'Ogg Brute and 4 Mosh'Ogg Witch Doctor. You'll also get a Disfigured Mosh'Ogg Hand which starts the quest Mosh'Ogg Handiwork.
  4. Head north and kill 15 Murkills. Your Lashtail Hatchling will munch on them 40 times.
    • Return to Grom'gol and turn in all your quests. Get the new set of quests: The Defense of Grom'gol: Trollish Thievery, Bloodscalp Insight, and Hunt for Yenniku
  5. Go to the Bal'lal Ruins. Kill Bloodscalp for a Bloodscalp Totem and 6 Bloodscalp Tusks, Get the Grom'gol Rations, and Have your Lashtail Hatchling wander near the skull pile to start the quest Favored Skull.
    • Return to Grom'gol and turn in your four quests and get the new set of quests: Headhunting, A Nose for This Sort of Thing, and An Unusual Patron
  6. At the Altar of Naias, use the Gift of Naias to summon Naias. Kill him for his heart.
  7. Go north and kill the trolls for 25 Shrunken Heads. While you're killing them, your hatchling (make sure it's out by using the Lashtail Raptor Egg Fragment) will root around and dig up 8 Zuludarian Fetish.
    • Return to Grom'gol.
  1. At Grom'gol, turn in your quests. Get: The Hunt, Who's a Big Troll, Nezzilok Will Know, and Population Con-Troll.
  2. Go to Nesingwary's Expedition. Turn in your quests and get Panther Hunting, Raptor Hunting, The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, Tiger Hunting, and Supply and Demand.
  3. Kill 10 Young Stranglethorn Tiger. Get Tiger Stalking.
  4. Kill Large River Crocolisk for 2 Large River Crocolisk Skin
    • Return to Nesingwary's Expedition. Turn in your quests. Get Some Assembly Required.
  5. Kill 10 Young Panther. Get Panther Stalking.
  6. Kill 10 Stranglethorn Tiger. Get Tiger Prowess.
  7. Kill Snapjaw Crocolisk for 5 Snapjaw Crocolisk Skin.
    • Return to Nesingwary's Expedition.
  1. At Nesingwary's Expedition, turn in your quest. Get Excelsior.
  2. Kill 10 Panther. Get Panther Prowess.
  3. Kill 5 Elder Stranglethorn Tiger. Get Tiger Mastery.
    1. Kill Sin'Dall atop the hill for the Paw of Sin'Dall
  4. Kill 10 Stranglethorn Raptor. Get Raptor Stalking.
  5. Enter the Ruins of Zul'Kunda from the west side. Kill Nezzilok for his head and Gan'Zulah for Gan'zulah's Body. Finish killing 7 each Bloodscalp Mystic, Scout, Hunter, and 1 Bloodscalp Beastmaster.
    • Hearth back to Grom'gol.
  1. At Grom'gol Base Camp, turn in your quests. Get Skullsplitter Mojo and Speaking with Nezzilok
  2. Kill 10 Lashtail Raptor. Get Raptor Prowess.
  3. Kill Elder Snapjaw Crocolisks for am Elder Crocolisk Skin.
  4. Get the Ziata'jai Trophy.
  5. Get the Balia'mah Trophy. Also, finish killing trolls for 6 Skullsplitter Mojo.
  6. Go to Bambala. Get the Flight Path.
    • Fly to Grom'gol. Turn in your quests. Get Chasing Yenniku's Fate and Priestess Hu'rala.
    • Fly back to Bambala.
  1. At Bambala, turn in your quest. Get Mind Vision and The Mind's Eye..
  2. Kill 5 Shadowmaw Panther. Get Panther Mastery. Look for Bhag'thera who wanders around the area. Kill her for her Fang.
  3. Kill Mai'Zoth for the Mind's Eye.
  4. Get the Mosh'Ogg Bounty.
  5. Kill 10 Jungle Stalkers and Gather 5 Jungle Stalker Feathers. Get Raptor Mastery. Then, kill Tethis in the area for his Talon.
    • Return to Bambala. Turn in your quests. Also, speak to Priestess Hu'rala to complete See Raptor. Get Mind Control, Nighttime in the Jungle, Saving Yenniku, Zul'Mamwe Mambo, Venture Company Mining, Cozzle's Plan, and The Universal Key.
  6. Go to the Venture Co. Base Camp.
    • Climb up the oil rig. Kill Foreman Cozzle for his key, then go into his house and open the Footlocker for the Fuel Regulator Blueprints.
    • Use the Sawblade at the mill to open the Mosh'Ogg Bounty. Also, finish killing Venture Co. Geologists around the area for 5 Tumbled Crystal.
  7. Go to Nesingwary's Expedition.
  1. At Nesingwary's Expedition, turn in your quests. Get Big Game Hunter.
  2. Kill King Bangalash for the Head of Bangalash.
  3. Fight your way to Braddok. Over the next two steps, kill 16 Skullsplitters and Extinguish 8 Braziers. Kill Braddok for Braddok's Big Brain.
  4. Kill Ana'thek and use the Soul Gem on Yenniku.
  5. Hearth to Grom'gol. Turn in your quest.
    • Go to Nesingwary's Expedition. Turn in your quest.
    • Return to Grom'gol.
  6. Fly to Bambala. Turn in your three quests. Get Be Raptor. It's a pretty fun quest. Talk again to the questgiver to take the place of your little raptor buddy. In the first and second section, just avoid all the trolls. In the third section, pick up fire at a brazier then use dash (ability 1) to go to a tiki and burn it using ability 3. You can then run past the trolls. In the fourth second, pick up skulls and drop them on the bridge when the trolls are patrolling away. In the final home stretch, watch out for the running patrol. Light a fire and get out of there.
    • Talk to Raskha the Flight Master and fly to Hardwrench Hideaway.