Hellfire Peninsula (Level 58-61)

And we're through The Dark Portal! Welcome to the Outland!

  1. Go down the stairs and turn in Through the Dark Portal to Lieutenant General Orion and get the follow-up Arrival in Outland.

  2. Head south and turn in Arrival in Outland to Vlagga Freyfeather and get the follow-up Journey to Thrallmar.
    Fly to Thrallmar.

  3. Turn in Journey to Thrallmar and get the follow-up Report to Nazgrel.

    Turn in Report to Nazgrel. Get the follow-up quests as well as the other quests in town:

    • Bonechewer Blood
    • Eradicate the Burning Legion
    • I Work...For the Horde!

    Set your Hearthstone to Thrallmar.

  4. Head east to Sergeant Shatterskull and turn in Eradicate the Burning Legion. Get the follow-up Felspark Ravine.

  5. Head northeast and kill 6 Infernal Warbringer, 4 Flamewalker Imp, 1 Dreadcaller.

  6. Ride southwest and kill Bonechewer Orcs for Bonechewer Blood and collect Salvaged Metal and Salvaged Wood.

  7. Head west to the other orc camp and finish gathering 12 Bonechewer Blood and collecting 8 Salvaged Metal and 8 Salvaged Wood.

  8. Return to Thrallmar.

  1. At Thrallmar, turn in Bonechewer Blood and I Work...for the Horde! and get the follow-ups:

    • Apothecary Zelana
    • Burn it Up... For the Horde!

  2. Ride east to Sergeant Shatterskull and turn in Felspark Ravine. Get the follow-up Forward Base: Reaver's Fall.

  3. Ride southeast to Reaver's Fall. Turn in Apothecary Zelana and Forward Base: Reaver's Fall. Get the follow-up quests:

    • Spinebreaker Post
    • Disrupt Their Reinforcements

  4. Clear all the demons on your way southeast to Portal Xilus. With 4 Demonic Rune Stones looted from the demons, go up to the portal and disable it.

  5. Clear your way to Portal Kruul. With 4 Demonic Rune Stones looted from the demons, go up to the portal and disable it.

  6. Return to Reaver's Fall. Turn in Disrupt Their Reinforcements and get the follow-up Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz.

    • Talk to Wing Commander Brack and choose the Bombing Mission option. Use your Seaforium PU-36 Explosive Nether Modulator and aim them at Gateway Shaadraz and Gateway Murketh when you fly over them.

    • Then, turn in Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz once done. Get the follow-up quests:

      • Return to Thrallmar
      • Mission: The Abyssal Shelf

    • Talk to Wing Commander Brack again and this time have him send you to The Abyssal Shelf. Use your Area 52 Special to bomb the targets. Use the bomb on cooldown and aim carefully for the best chance to completing the goal in one run - if not, just run it again and finish the monsters off.

    • When done, turn in Mission: The Abyssal Shelf.

    • Finally, talk to Wing Commander Brack and have him send you to Spinebreaker Post.

  1. At Spinebreaker Post, turn in Spinebreaker Post. Get the Flight Path. Pick up all the quests in the area:

    • Boiling Blood
    • Wanted: Worg Master Kruush
    • Make Them Listen
    • Preparing the Salve
    • The Warp Rifts

  2. Clear your way northwest. Gather Hellfire Spineleaf on your way while clearing all the wildlife around the area.

  3. Head northwest to the Western Cannon and use the Flaming Torch to burn it.

  4. Head east to the Eastern Cannon and use the Flaming Torch to burn it.

  5. Clear your way back southeast towards Zeth'Gor. Finish gathering 12 Hellfire Spineleaf. If you haven't reached Level 59 yet, then kill the wildlife until you are level 59. Being 59 will make the later quests much easier. The monsters are easy here and the experience and your level should come quick.

  1. Head southeast into Zeth'Gor. Clear all the Bleeding Hollow Orcs in the way. Note that there are many orcs - but it is worthwhile to kill ALL the orcs for two reasons: the experience is necessary, and is much safer since there are many patrols. Don't try to avoid the orcs in this entire area - actively seek and kill any that are in the area for both the experience and to reduce the chances that the an orc patrol will kill you.

    Clear your way towards the Stables and kill Worg Master Kruush and loot his head. By the time you reach the stables, you should also have collected 12 Bleeding Hollow Blood.

  2. Clear your way out and to the Cursed Cauldron outside the Zeth'Gor gate. Each time you click the cauldron, scarabs will spawn - I found the fastest (a little dangerous, but doable and much faster) way to do this was to just click the cauldron a lot of times quickly - about 6 times - then run away and wait for the scarabs to despawn. Afterwards, come back and click the cauldron 6 more times for 12 Boiled Blood, then run away.

  3. Return to Spinebreaker Post and turn in your quests:

    • Boiling Blood
    • Wanted: Worg Master Kruush
    • Preparing the Salve

    Get the follow-up quests:

    • Apothecary Antonivich
    • Investigate the Crash
    • Zeth'Gor Must Burn!
    • The Eyes of Grillok

Then, Hearth to Thrallmar.

  1. At Thrallmar, turn in Return to Thrallmar. Get the quests in the keep:

    • Forge Camp: Mageddon
    • The Assassin
    • Weaken the Ramparts

    Also, optionally, get the PvP quest Hellfire Fortifications outside.

  2. Apothecary Antonivich is in the northwestern tower at Thrallmar. Go to him and turn in Apothecary Antonivich. Get the follow-up Burden of Souls.

  3. Clear your way up northeast to Forge Camp: Mageddon. Kill 10 Gan'arg Servant and Razorsaw. Loot Razorsaw for the Head of Forgefiend Razorsaw and the Burning Legion Missive, which starts the quest Vile Plans.

    • Then, return to Thrallmar. Turn in Forge Camp: Mageddon and Vile Plans. Get the follow-up Cannons of Rage.

    • Again, return to Forge Camp: Mageddon. Kill 3 Fel Cannon MKI situated near the edges of the camp.

    • Then, return to Thrallmar. Turn in Cannons of Rage and get the follow-up Doorway to the Abyss.

  4. Once those previous quest chain steps are done, clear your way northwest to Invasion Point: Annihilator. Clear your way up to, then kill, Warbringer Arix'Amal for the Burning Legion Gate Key.

    Walk up to the portal in the camp and click it to shut down the gate.

  5. Ride around the cliff southwest to Foreman Razelcraz. Get Outland Sucks!

  6. Head southwest and pick up 6 Shredder Spare Parts. Also, keep killing the Crust Bursters until you get a rare random drop, the Eroded Leather Case. The item starts the quest Missing Missive.

    • Then, return to Foreman Razelcraz and turn in Outland Sucks! and get the follow-up How to Serve Goblins.

  7. Head southwest to the three cages. Clear all the orcs around and head to Manni's Cage and Save Manni.

  8. Clear your way to Moh and Jakk and save them. Again, make sure to clear a wide path of orcs for experience and safety.

    • Then, return to Foreman Razelcraz and turn in How to Serve Goblins and get the follow-up Shizz Work. Use the Felhound Whistle immediately right next to Razelcraz.

  9. Go northwest and kill Helboars, then right click the poo that is left behind. Keep at it until you find the Shredder Keys.

    • Then, return to Foreman Razelcraz and turn in Shizz Work and get the follow-up Beneath Thrallmar.

  10. Go to the end of the mine and clear your way through the tunnels. Kill Urga'zz at the end of the mine.

    • Then, return to Foreman Razelcraz and turn in Beneath Thrallmar.

  11. Return to Thrallmar. Turn in Doorway to the Abyss. Get the new quests:

    • The Agony and the Darkness
    • The Assassin
    • Falcon Watch
    • Cruel's Intentions (Group)
    • Weaken the Ramparts (Dungeon)

Level 60

At this point, you should be level 60 - and you can fly! At Thrallmar, learn Expert Riding from your trainer and buy your flying mount. Now you can directly fly from location to location, saving a lot of time while traveling!

The cost of the riding skill is 225g, and the flying mount costs 50g with a possible faction reputation discount. That's a decent chunk of gold...or maybe not much at all if you've been following the Gold Guide. If you have been, you might be in the thousands of gold right now - and you'll be on track for the Epic Flying Mount coming up at level 70 with the cost of 5,000g.

  1. Fly to Spinebreaker Post.

  2. Ride west to the Expedition Armory. Kill 6 Unyielding Sorcerer, 8 Unyielding Knight, 12 Unyielding Footman. You should get a random drop A Mysterious Tome during this time from the mobs - get the quest Decipher the Tome from it.

  3. Ride northwest to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in Investigate the Crash. Get the quests there: In Case of Emergency... and Ravager Egg Roundup.

  4. Ride southwest to Razorthorn Trail and kill the ravagers to get to the 12 Ravager Egg lying around the ground. The ravagers also drop them.

  5. Ride southwest into Terrokar Forest.

  1. Follow the road west to Shattrath City. Get the Flight Point.
    Head to the center of the city and take the portal to a Capital City. Train your skills there.

    Then, Hearth to Thrallmar.

    Fly back to Spinebreaker Post.

  1. At Spinebreaker Post, turn in your quests:
    • Make Them Listen
    • Decipher the Tome and get the follow-up The Battle Horn

  2. Ride southwest to the Expedition Armory. Kill Lieutenant Commander Thalvos for the Unyielding Battle Horn.

  3. Ride northwest to the Zeppelin Crash. Turn in Ravager Egg Roundup and get the follow-up Helboar, the Other White Meat.

  4. Ride east and kill Helboar which drop Tainted Helboar Meat - use the Purification Mixture on them until you get 8 Purified Helboar Meat.

    • Then, return to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in Helboar, the Other White Meat and get the follow-up Smooth as Butter.

  5. Ride northeast to the Valley of Bones. Follow the canyon eastward all the while killing all vultures and collecting all the zeppelin debris until done gathering 30 Zeppelin Debris and 12 Plump Buzzard Wing.

    • Then, return to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in Smooth as Butter and In Case of Emergency... Get the follow-up Voidwalkers Gone Wild.

  6. Ride south to the Warp Rifts. Kill Voidwalkers for 10 Condensed Voidwalker Essence, then use the Unstable Warp Rift Generator to spawn the voidwalkers which drop Warp Nether. Get 3 Warp Nether.

  7. Head northwest and kill 20 Shattered Hand Orcs.

  8. Return to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in Voidwalkers Gone Wild.

  9. Return to Spinebreaker Post.

  1. At Spinebreaker Post, turn in:
    • The Warp Rifts and get the follow-up Void Ridge
    • The Battle Horn and get the follow-up Bloody Vengeance

  2. Head northeast to the Siege Tower and use the Unyielding Battle Horn to summon Urtak. Kill him.

  3. Fly northeast to The Warp Fields. Kill Voidwalkers for 40 Void Ridge Soul Shards.

  4. Fly southwest into Zeth'Gor. Kill the Bleeding Hollow Peons for their torches and make your way to the Forge. Before you light the torches, clear your way slightly north to the Eastern Hovel - kill the monsters around there. Then, go back to the Forge and light four of them. The next steps need to be done fairly quickly. (Note: since you can now use flying mounts to travel within, this area is not as deadly. Still be careful when travelling from location to location even while you can fly though, because this is a densely packed area).

    Note that for all the burn locations, you can burn the buildings from a decent distance away from the building, so try clearing just near a building instead of inside and then using the torch to burn the buildings.

    NOTE: though you may find an Eye of Grillok early and be tempted to use Zezzak's Shard to capture it, DON'T until the end - once you capture one, you will aggro everything.

  5. Head north to the Eastern Hovel and burn it.

  6. Clear your way south to the Stable and burn it.

  7. Clear your way southwest to the Western Hovel and burn it.

  8. Clear your way east to the Barracks and burn it.

    • Finally, now is the time to search out an Eye of Grillok. Use Zezzak's Shard to capture it then quickly mount up and run out of the area. You will aggro a lot of mobs due to the debuff of the eye.

  9. Ride back to Spinebreaker Post.

  1. At Spinebreaker Post, Walk up to Zezzak's Cauldron in order to complete the objective for The Eyes of Grillok. Turn in your quests:

    • Zeth'Gor Must Burn!
    • The Eyes of Grillok - don't get the follow-up Grillok "Darkeye"
    • Void Ridge - don't get the follow-up From the Abyss
    • Bloody Vengeance and get the follow-up Honor the Fallen

  2. Ride southwest to Commander Hogarth in the Expedition Armory. Turn in Honor the Fallen.

    If you haven't hit Level 61 yet, then clear the mobs in the Expedition Armory to pick up the amount of experience you need to hit level 61. This is necessary to pick up the level 61 quests at Thrallmar.

    • Once done, return to Spinebreaker Post and Fly to Thrallmar.

  1. Fly to Thrallmar.
    Turn in A Burden of Souls - don't get the follow-up The Demoniac Scryer.

  2. Ride west to the Fel Orc Corpse. Turn in The Assassin and get the follow-up A Strange Weapon.

  3. Ride southwest to Falcon Watch. Get the Flight Path. Turn in Falcon Watch and get all the quests in the area - your quest log for Hellfire Peninsula should now hold a healthy 15 quests:

    • Hellfire Fortifications (Optional)
    • Helping the Cenarion Post
    • Missing Missive
    • Report to Zurai
    • The Agony and the Darkness
    • A Strange Weapon
    • Arelion's Journal
    • Birds of a Feather
    • In Need of Felblood
    • Magic of the Arakkoa
    • The Great Fissure
    • Cruel's Intentions (Group)
    • Source of the Corruption
    • Trueflight Arrows
    • Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage (Group)

  4. Fly back to Thrallmar.

  1. At Thrallmar, turn in A Strange Weapon and get the follow-up The Warchief's Mandate.
    Go outside and turn in The Warchief's Mandate and get the follow-up A Spirit Guide.

  2. Ride west to the Pools of Aggonar. If anybody is interested in doing the group quest Cruel's Intentions, that's one quest worth doing since it gives a lot of experience, its in the area, and it gives a nice quest reward - if not though if nobody's around or interested, just skip it. You will get one more chance later, see if you can pick up a group then.

    At the pools, go to Arelion's Knapsack. Loot it and open it to get Arelion's Journal. Around the same area, kill Terrorfiends to get 6 Felblood Sample and kill at least 10 Terrorfiends.

  3. Ride southwest again to the Fel Orc Corpse. Use your Ancestral Spirit Wolf Totem and follow it - follow closely so that you get quest credit.

  4. Follow the wolf to Gorkan Bloodfist. Turn in A Spirit Guide and get the follow-up The Mag'har.

  5. Ride south and kill Bonestripper Vultures for 8 Bonestripper Tail Feather.

  6. Ride southeast and kill 8 Stonecythe Whelp and 3 Stonecythe Alpha.

  7. Ride to Falcon Watch. Turn in your quests:

    • Arelion's Journal and get the follow-up Arelion's Secret
    • In Need of Felblood and get the follow-up The Cleansing Must Be Stopped
    • The Great Fissure and get the follow-up Marking the Path
    • Trueflight Arrows

  8. Fly to Thrallmar. Turn in The Agony and the Darkness and The Mag'har. Get the follow-up Messenger to Thrall.

    • Then, Fly to Shattrath. Enter the Orgrimmar Portal in the center of Shattrath. Ride to Thrall and turn in Messenger to Thrall and get the follow-up Envoy to the Mag'har. While here, also train your skills.

  1. Hearth to Thrallmar.

  2. If there has been any interest in the group quest Cruel's Intentions, grab someone and complete it at this step.

    Ride west to the Pools of Aggonar and go up to the Altar of Aggonar. Use the Signaling Gem while standing on the altar. This will spawn 3 draenei - kill the Draenei Anchorite.

  3. Ride northwest to Mag'har Post. Turn in Envoy to the Mag'har and get the follow-up A Debilitating Sickness.

  4. Ride southeast into the Great Fissure. Go to the Eastern Beacon and activate it.

  5. Clear your way into the cave and get the Drycap Mushroom inside. (Note: Blacktalon the Savage is also in here. He's difficult solo, but you can give it a shot, or if you're grouped with somebody, take him down for the quest Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage.)

  6. Go to the Central Beacon and activate it.

  7. Go to the Western Beacon and activate it.

  8. Ride southwest into the Den of Haal'esh. Clear a path through to the arakkoa and look for Kaliri Nests - click them to spawn Kaliri Hatchling. When you spawn a Female Kaliri Hatchling, use your Empty Birdcage on it.

    A ways into the den, you will see a path upwards to the upper level of the "village." Head across the upper bridges until you come to Avruu. Kill him and loot his orb, which starts the quest Avruu's Orb.

  9. Clear your way southeast to a hut. Click the orb which spawns Aeranas. Defeat it to complete and turn in Avruu's Orb.

    You should have 4 Haal'eshi Scroll by now from the arrakoa as well as the Female Kaliri Hatchling, if not, kill more and find the hatchling on your way to the next step.

  10. Clear your to the Wounded Blood Elf Pilgrim. Accept her escort quest The Road to Falcon Watch - fairly standard escort quest with an ambush at the exit - let her tank and fight the mobs one at a time.

  11. At the end of the escort quest, you will arrive at Falcon Watch.

  1. At Falcon Watch, turn in all your quests:

    • Birds of a Feather
    • Magic of the Arakkoa
    • Marking the Path
    • The Cleansing Must Be Stopped
    • The Road to Falcon Watch and get the follow-up A Pilgrim's Plight

    Also, Set your Hearthstone to Falcon Watch.

  2. Ride southwest to Dustquill Ravine. In the southern part, loot the Torn Pilgrim's Pack.

  3. Follow the road out of Falcon Watch. Somewhere along the road is Magister Aledis, a blood elf riding on a hawkstrider. Talk to him in order to fight him - when he is brought to low health, he will surrender and you will be able to turn in Arelion's Secret. Get the follow-up The Mistress Revealed.

  4. Ride to the Cenarion Post. Turn in Missing Missive and Helping the Cenarion Post. Get the quests:

    • The Cenarion Expedition
    • Colossal Menace (Group)
    • Demonic Contamination
    • Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!

    Note: look around for someone to do Colossal Menace during the rest of your time in Hellfire Peninsula. If you find someone, then group up and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the details of the Colossal Menace chain. Once done, proceed where left off.

  5. Immediately in the areas around the wagon and to the east are many Hulking Helboar - kill them until you receive 6 Helboar Blood Sample.

    • Then, return to the Cenarion Post and turn in Demonic Contamination and get the follow-up Testing the Antidote.

    • Then, look for a Hulking Helboar and use the Cenarion Antidote on it. It will turn into Dreadtusk - then, kill it.

    • Then, return to the Cenarion Expedition and turn in Testing the Antidote.

  6. Ride southwest into the Ruins of Sha'naar.

Kill Illidari Taskmasters for 5 Demonic Essence during all the next steps. Note that while Dreghood Brutes will attack with them, once the taskmaster is dead, the brutes stop attacking, so just focus on taskmasters.

  1. There are three huts around the area, go to any and pick up the quest Naladu.

  2. Head south up the stairs and avoid Arzeth the Merciless. Take the east path and turn in Naladu and get the follow-up A Traitor Among Us.

  3. Wait for Arzeth the Merciless to walk away from the hut at the top of the stairs. Go in it and open the Metal Coffer to get the Sha'nar Key.

    • Then, Return to Naladu and turn in A Traitor Among Us and get the follow-up The Dreghood Elders.

  4. Head down the stairs and talk to Morod the Windstirrer.

  5. Head north and talk to Aylaan the Waterwalker.

  6. Head east and talk to Akoru the Firecaller.

  7. Return to Naladu and turn in The Dreghood Elders and get the follow-up, Arzeth's Demise.

  8. Head to the stairs and use the Staff of the Dreghood Elders on Arzeth to turn him into a regular monster. Kill him.

    • Then, return to Naladu and turn in Arzeth's Demise.

  1. Ride northwest to Thornfang Hill. Kill 8 Thornfang Ravager and 8 Thornfang Venomspitter.

  2. Ride west into Zangarmarsh - at the Cenarion Refuge, go to Innkeeper Coryth Stoktron. Buy a Cenarion Spirits (listed as the last item on the final page).

  3. Ride back to the Cenarion Post and turn in Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!

  4. Ride northeast to Mag'Har Post. At the very top, turn in A Debilitating Scikness and get the follow-up Administering the Salve.

    • Inside the many huts in the area, you will find Debilitated Mag'Har Grunts - use the Healing Salve on 10 of them.

    • Then, turn in Administrating the Salve.

  5. Hearth to Falcon Watch. Turn in your quests:

    • Source of the Corruption
    • A Pilgrim's Plight
    • The Mistress Revealed and get the follow-up Arelion's Mistress

    With the Cenarion Spirits you purchased earlier, go to Viera Sunwhisper and complete Life's Finer Pleasures. Follow her outside and use the Scroll of Retribution on her. Then, return to Magistrix Carinda and turn in Arelion's Mistress.

If you have a partner to do the Raging Colossus questline with... (optional - if not, just skip on to Zangarmarsh!)

  1. Kill 5 Raging Colossus. Note that whenever damaged to a certain point, it splits off a Raging Shardling. Kill the shardling, then move back to the colossus, otherwise if you just stay on the colossus, the three spawned shardlings could overwhelm you. You will also get a Crimson Crystal Shard which starts Crimson Crystal Clue.

  2. Return to the Cenarion Post and turn in:

    • Colossal Menace
    • Crimson Crystal Clue and get the follow-up The Earthbinder, which can be immediately turned in. It will spawn a colossus, kill it as you did the raging colossus before. Get the follow-up, Natural Remedies.

  3. Return to the red crystal and clear all the way north to behind the crystal. Make sure to clear all colossus anywhere near the runed area! Use the Seed of Revitalization on the runed area to summon Goliathon who is just like a Colossus, except with a huge knockback which will send you flying - make sure to have your back facing an empty area.

  4. Return to Cenarion Post and turn in Natural Remedies.

That concludes Hellfire Peninsula. Onwards to Zangarmarsh!