Dustwallow Marsh (Level 35-40)

  1. Head north to Brackenwall Village. Get the Flight Path. Set your hearth to Brackenwall Village. Get all the quests in the area - your zone quest log should now look like: Theramore Spies, A Shambling Threat, Darkmish Extermination, SMASH BROODQUEEN, The Hermit of Witch Hill, Inspecting the Ruins, and Twilight of the Dawn Runner.
  2. Go to the Shady Rest Inn. Turn in your quests. Get The Black Shield, Suspicious Hoofprints, and Lieutenant Paval Reethe.
    • Return to Brackenwall Village. Turn in your quests. Get Talk to Ogron.
  3. Go to Ogron. Turn in your quests. Get Questioning Reethe. Follow Ogron and defeat the alliance force.
  4. Kill 9 Theramore Infiltrator
  5. Kill 7 Withervine.
  6. North Point Tower. Head inside and free Ithania at the ground floor. Fight your way to the top of the tower and get the Dawn Runner Cargo.
  7. Go to Swamplight Manor.
  1. At Swamplight Manor, turn in The Hermit of Witch Hill. Get the quests in the area, including from the dirt mound: The Lost Report, Marsh Frog Legs, and What's Haunting Witch Hill?
    • Kill the level 1 frog critters for 10 Frog Legs, and kill Risen Husks and Risen Spirits for 10 Information.
    • Return to Swamplight Manor and turn in your quests. Get The Witch's Bane.
  2. Gather 9 Witchbane along the river.
  3. Kill the Darkmist Broodqueen for her Pedipalp, spiders for 20 Unpopped Darkmist Eye and 5 Acidic Venom Sac, and kill 8 Darkmist Egg.
  4. Go to Brackenwall Village. Turn in your quests.
    • Return to Swamplight Manor. At Swamplight Manor turn in your quests. Get Cleansing Witch Hill, Hungry as an Ogre, and Jarl Needs a Blade. Use the Witchbane Torch at the end of the dock and defeat Zelfrfax and complete Cleansing Witch Hill.
  5. Head northeast from the manor and kill Razorspine for his blade and the Mirefin Murlocs for 8 Mirefin Heads.
    • Return to the Swamplight Manor and turn in Jarl Needs a Blade.
  6. Get the Captain's Documents underwater below the dock.
    • Hearth to Brackenwall Village. Turn in your quests. Get Check Up on Tabetha, Identifying the Brood, Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern, and Army of the Black Dragon.
  7. Go to Mudsprocket.
  1. Fly to Mudsprocket.
  2. Go to Tabetha's Farm. Turn in quests. Get The Grimtotem Weapon, Direhorn Raiders, The Reagent Thief, The Zeppelin Crash, and Help for Mudsprocket
  3. Kill Noxious Shredders and Darkfang Creepers for 6 Marsh Venom. Use the Captured Totem and pull the Mottled Drywater Crocolisks near it, then kill them.
  4. Go to Direhorn Post. Kill 12 Grimtotems.
  5. Go to Moxie Steelgrille and turn in your quests. Get Secure the Cargo! and Corrosion Prevention.
    • Look around the area for 8 Zeppelin Cargo and use the Ooze Buster on oozes while you're near Power Core Fragments and Dissolve 10 Oozes.
    • Then, return to Moxie and turn in the two quests. Get Delivery for Drazzit.
  6. Return to Tabetha's Farm and turn in your quests.
    • Ride to Mudsprocket.

  1. At Mudsprocket, turn in your quests. Get all the quests: Bloodfen Feathers, WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous, Catch a Dragon by the Tail, and To the Summit.
  2. Gather 8 Wyrmtails. Kill Searing Whelps and Hatchlings for 7 Searing Tongues and 7 Searing Hearts.
  3. Clear a path to Goreclaw the Ravenous and kill him. Collect 5 Bloodfen Feathers.
    • Return to Mudsprocket and turn in your quests. Get Banner of the Stonemaul and The Essence of Enmity
  4. Ride northwest to the Den of Flame and clear your way into the cave. Use Brogg's Totem on the Firemaw Dragons to collect 10 Black Dragonkin Essence. Keep left in the cave and loot the Stonemaul Banner on the left side dead end. Then, clear your way to the other side to loot Mok'Morokk's Strongbox. Finish killing 10 Firemane Scout, 10 Firemane Ash Tail, and 5 Firemane Scalebane in the cave as well. Near the entrance, pick up Mok'Morokk's Grog.
    • Return to Mudsprocket and turn in your quests. Get Spirits of Stonemaul Hold.
  5. Go to Stonemaul Ruins and loot the Ogre Remains. A Stonemaul Spirit will appear after looting. Kill 10 Spirits. Loot Mok'Morokk's Snuff in the middle of the ruins.
    • Return to Mudsprocket and turn in your quest. Get Challenge to the Black Flight.
  6. Go to Onyxia's Lair. At the entrance, plant the Stonemaul Banner to lure Smolderwing. Kill him.
    • Hearth to Brackenwall Village. Turn in your quests.
    • Fly to Mudsprocket and turn in your quests.
    • Take the flight to Westreach Summit.