Blade's Edge Mountains (Level 67-68)

  1. Get to Orebor Harborage, Zangarmarsh and pick up the quest No Time for Curiosity. Head to the tunnel and get Killing the Crawlers right outside.

    Head through the tunnel, killing 6 Cavern Crawlers along the way, and head into the Blade's Edge Mountains.

  2. Ride to Sylvanaar.
    Get the new Flight Path.
    Set your Hearthstone to Sylvanaar.

    and turn in:

    • No Time for Curiosity
    • Killing the Crawlers

    And get all the quests there:

    • Into the Draenethyst Mine
    • Malaise
    • Strange Brew
    • The Bloodmaul Ogres
    • The Den Mother
    • The Encroaching Wilderness

  3. Head south and kill 12 Grovestalker Lynx.

  4. Continue south to Veil Lashh and kill the Arakkoa until you have 18 Plucked Lashh'an Feathers. Head up the treehouse and turn Malaise in at the book and get the follow-up Scratches.

    Head down from the treehouse and right under it is a green circle - use the Fistful of Feathers to receive the buff for the quest.

  5. Ride back to Sylvanaar (Don't Hearth or you'll lose the buff!) and turn in the quests:

    • The Encroaching Wilderness and get the follow-up Marauding Wolves
    • Scratches

  1. Head east across the bridge and get 4 Thunderlord Dire Wolf Tails off the wolves. Clear your way south to Rema, who is right by the tunnel you first entered Blade's Edge Mountains in.

  2. Hearth to Sylvanaar. Turn in:

    • Maurauding Wolves and get the follow-up Protecting Our Own.
    • The Den Mother

  3. Head south from Sylvanaar and click on 5 Grove Seedlings - the plants on the ground.

  4. Return to Sylvanaar and turn in Protecting Our Own and get the follow-up A Dire Situation.

  5. Head southeast and take the sloping path down to the Bloodmaul Ravine. Clear your way through the ogres and use Rina's Diminution Powder on 5 Bloodmaul Dire Wolf. Also, collect 11 Bloodmaul Brutebane Brew from kegs outside as well as from the Bloodmaul Brewmasters.

  6. Head south into the cave and gather 5 Draenethyst Mine Crystal. On your way out, finish killing 30 Bloodmaul Ogres.

  7. Return to Sylvanaar and turn in all the quests:

    • Into the Draenethyst Mine
    • Strange Brew and get the follow-up Getting the Bladespire Tanked
    • The Bloodmaul Ogres and get the follow-up The Bladespire Ogres

  1. Head back down and head north to the Bladespire Grounds. Right outside, talk to Vindicator Vuuleen and get the quest The Trappings of a Vindicator.

  2. Head west and clear your way to the building marked above on the map. Use the Bloodmaul Brutebane Keg inside the building to pull Droggam alone without the two elites next to him. Kill him for Vindicator Vuuleen's Blade.

  3. Clear your way southeast to the next building and use the Bloodmaul Brutebane Keg to pull Mugdorg and get Vindicator Vuuleen's Shield from him.

  4. Return to Vindicator Vuuleen and turn in The Trappings of a Vindicator and get the follow-up Gorr'Dim, Your Time Has Come...

  5. Head northwest to another building and clear your way in. Use the Bloodmaul Brutebane Keg to pull Gorr'Dim and kill him.

  6. Return to Vindicator Vuuleen and turn in Gorr'Dim, Your Time Has Come... and get the follow-up Planting the Banner.

  7. Head northwest to the Bladespire Champion and kill it for the Bladespire Clan Banner.

    Exit the grounds and make sure to have finished Killing 30 Bladespire Ogres and Getting 5 Ogres Drunk (You can use the beer on any ogre to get those last 2)

  8. Head south to the Bloodmaul Tower and clear your way to the top and plant the Bladespire Clan Banner. Its soloable and you'll fight off waves of 2, 3, and 4 ogres. You get out of combat in between each wave so make sure to rest to full. The last ogre is a non-elite Gurn - kill him and get the Helm of Gurn Grubnosh.

  9. Hearthstone to Sylvanaar. Turn in:

    • Getting the Bladespire Tanked
    • The Bladespire Ogres
    • Planting the Banner

    This should be more than enough to get you to Level 68. If not, finish up a few extra quests from Blade's Edge before moving on

Level 68 is the minimum level requirement to enter Northrend. And should you go to Northrend at level 68? Absolutely!

  • Northrend quest experience is much greater than that of The Outlands, with pretty much every single quest rewarding over 20k experience apiece.
  • The monsters give more experience and are not more difficult.
  • The quest rewards are huge upgrades.
Fly to Shattrath. Take the portal to Stormwind. Train your skills.

Fly to Menethil Harbor, Wetlands.

Take the boat at the northern pier to Valgarde Keep, Howling Fjord.

Welcome to Northrend!

In this exciting expansion, there are many interesting new types of quests here. As you fight your way through the armies of the Lich King, you'll have a blast!